Friday Mishmash

Let me start off by apologizing because this post is all over the place.

1. Thank you for all your sweet comments and suggestions on our master bedroom. I will admit I was a little nervous to share how empty it was 1.5 years later but I'm glad I did.   Showing you all helps make me more accountable for getting stuff done!  I'm excited to finally make some progress on it. 

2. I am so sad about Joan Rivers :(. Fashion Police will never be the same.
 I just loved her spunk and humor. I think we all forgot that she was 81 with her go, go, go mentality.

3. So I stumbled upon this new to me leather and canvas goods company Graf & Lantz on Instagram and now I can't stop drooling over this bag.

 I'm loving the black and nude.  How perfect would  this be for fall?

4. This Buzzfeed link about white girls in the fall is hysterical. Click here to read.  I'm guilty of some of these. #hellopsl

5. Piperlime Coupon- since I'm not shopping this month and I received this awesome Piperlime coupon that expires on 9/22 I figured I would share it with you all. It says it can be used up to five times!!  You have no idea how depressed I am not to be using it.  So someone please go buy stuff!!

6. Ice Eating= Low Iron. So it  turns out everyone who told me that ice eating was low iron on instagram was right.   I started my iron pills on Tuesday and I cannot wait until they really start working. They should help with the eating ice and really improve all the fatigue I've been having.

7. This little baby is turning into such a little boy.  I just can't handle.  It just goes by too fast. :(

8. 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge is going well so far! I've been tempted but haven't purchased anything yet so I've made it 4 days hahaha.  I will be back on Monday with a full update since that will mark one week.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!  



  1. He is so stinkin' cute!! I did not know ice eating was an issue related to low iron but I have never had low iron.

    I like that bag, it is cute. Joan was so full of spunk that I thought she had another several years to go! So sad.

  2. Love that bag!! Please buy it Oct 1 and style it ;). I wanted to do a no spend September and then my favorite kids boutique had a warehouse sale. Totally blew it on day 4! The buzzfeed article was hilarious. I love your master from yesterday! We've lived in our house 9.5 years and everything looks like it did two months after we moved (and not in a old way).

  3. Aw he is so sweet!! Glad you figured out the ice/low iron thing! I'm so impressed with you're closet remix, I could never make it a month with this growing bump, nothing fits!

  4. I was so on board to participate in the closet remix with you and then I went online and lost all my gumption! Have a great weekend!

  5. Ha! That Buzz Feed article is amazing! Soooo freaking true.

  6. Love mishmash days :) Miller looks adorable in his new tennis shoes and I'm happy to report that I haven't bought any new clothes this month either!! I'm focusing on the house this month. I do plan to blog about it soon too and instagram it, but so far this week has been a lot of yoga pants!! haha

  7. That buzzfeed article is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing that code - hopefully I don't do too much damage!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Wild about the ice craving really turning out to be an iron deficiency. Our bodies are wild, smart machines!

  9. Hey, 4 days is 4 days so good for you. I don't know how they can continue Fashion Police without Joan. It just won't be that funny anymore :( Happy weekend, and hope your supplements start working soon!


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