Tuesday Mish-Mash

So I stayed up way too late watching The Bachlorette and After the final rose last night, did you all do that too?   I was so happy she chose Josh, which is who I thought she was going to choose but OMG what is wrong with Nick?!!?    You knew her for like 6 weeks and your mom met her once, yet you're both so torn up and broken hearted about this.  I could not handle his desperation. 

So I've been dying for a pair of mirrored aviators but didn't really want to spend $$$ on a pair of Ray-Bans because let's be honest, nothing is safe with tiny 1 yr old hands getting into everything. He's already 1-1 on breaking sunglasses this summer so I didn't want to risk it.  

Luckily after having lunch at my favorite place, Nordstrom Cafe, I wondered into the BP department (is it still BP?) and found that they had mirrored aviators for $12 a pair!   Usually cheap sunglasses suck but these are actually really clear and block the sun really well.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I splurged on $24 and picked up both colors they had.    You can find them here if you want a pair. 

We are headed to the beach next week with some family that we rarely ever see so I've been looking for some cute comfy dresses for lunches/dinner out.   I stumbled upon this dress in Target and picked it up in the stripe and black because it was only $23! It fits well and flatters plus it is the softest most comfortable cotton.  It will definitely stretch with me as the bump grows and I'll be able to add a sweater or jean jacket to it in the fall. 

Miller is finally getting back on a better sleep schedule.   I've found that if he doesn't get his two naps a day then he's overstimulated and will fight us on bedtime. I think all the walking is burning a lot more energy than I thought.   I've also pushed his afternoon nap back to 3pm so he's sleeping from 3-4:30/5pm and going to bed at 8pm and it's working so much better for us! He's still an early bird who's up around 6-6:30pm but he's back to sleeping in his own bed and sleeping through the night. 

Thanks so much to everyone that reached out to me during my Thoughts for Thursday confessions post last week- you all sure know how to make a girl feel better and less alone.  I'm feeling much better and less overwhelmed this week. 

I can't leave you without any pictures of my sweet boy so here he is with his newest obsession, throwing and kicking balls.  He is all boy all the time.



  1. I totally stayed up too late watching the batch too...SO glad she chose Josh, I couldn't STANNNDDDD Nick! He just seemed like a 6 year old the entire time. I didn't get their 'passion'. Although she and Josh got a little too mushy gushy annoying for me at the end. Yes? Also, who do you want to be the Bachelor? They are hinting SO HARD at Chris the farmer which is fine, I guess, but I'm CRAZY about Marquel! Pretty sure we are ready for the first black lead in the series. Yes? Ok that was wayyyyy too much bachelor talk. Sorry. :)

  2. So glad that he's back on a sleep schedule and that you have your sleep back too!! I'm obsessed with those sunglasses and need to go pick up a pair (or two) because I also didn't want to shell out the $$ for the real ones!

  3. Meant to tell you how much I loved your pink shades in the IG pic over the weekend. Talk about a steal!

  4. Glad Miller is back on a sleep schedule! You find the cutest clothes at Target! I need to go shopping with you. :)

  5. Love, love those sunglasses! I think those are great dresses for the beach, they look super comfortable!

  6. I can't believe Nick outed her on "but you made love to me" yikes! Stage five clinger alert!

  7. Cute glasses! I need to grab that black dress - thanks for sharing!

  8. Major score on those sunglasses and seriously what is wrong with Nick right????

  9. SERIOUSLY what is wrong with Nick?!!??!!! Ridiculous. I can't believe he called her out for sleeping with him!!! I mean, it was hilarious, but so inappropriate what a jerk.


  10. Oh mylanta I stayed up WAY too late watching that finale last week as well! I cannot believe Nick. What a trashbag. Seriously, I can't even believe that the producers would let him do that (I mean, I guess it's all about the ratings), and I am surprised that Andi agreed to speak with him. I was blown away by the whole situation!


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