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Thoughts for Thursday
I'm keeping this one totally random and full of bullet points today.   I still don't think anyone in this house is back on a normal schedule from our vacation- sleep is lacking for all of us here!

- A week vacation with a toddler is exhausting.  I owe a whole post to this topic.  It was so much fun but it's hard to get back into our normal schedule now.

- I used to be really loose about Miller's schedule and didn't mind pushing around naps and bedtimes.  The past 2-3 months I have become crazy about his schdule and absolutely hate getting off schedule.  I don't think I realized how much more pleasent we all are if he gets naps and I get a few minutes to myself. 

- Speaking of schedules I think I have finally found a good schedule that works for us.  I have to admit that I struggled for awhile with finding the right balance for us.  I was trying to fit a lot into each day not realizing I was overstimulating and exhausting Miller and even myself.  I have learned that big days of go go go and then quiet days of doing nothing do not work for us.  We need to do a little bit each day to keep the day balanced and keep everyone sane and happy.

- I would love to hear your recommendations for under eye concealer?  My dark circles are looking awful these days and my Laura Mercier secret concealer is just not cutting it.

- I would also love to hear about double strollers too.  We have a double BOB which I got off Craigslist (in excellent condition) that I will use for running and walking but I still need one for  errands, trips to the mall, etc. Anywhere that the double BOB will just be too much.    Any advice on the tandem versus the side by side?


- I feel like I cannot keep up with reading blogs these days, or I read them but I don't comment.   I read a lot of them on my phone through my Bloglovin app and sometimes I just can't get the comment functionality to work (annoying).   So I want you all to know I'm still thinking of you and I'm trying to catch up on everyone's posts this week.

- I made a house project list of things I would love to accomplish before baby #2 makes his debut.  I'm starting to panic because I only have 16 more weeks.  I know it's still plenty of time but this pregnancy is just flying by on me and these aren't all easy projects.

- The nursery is on the list of house projects.  Unlike Miller's room at this point I have gotten no where!  I have a few ideas but nothing I'm sold on.   Miller's room is gray and navy with pops of orange and white furniture.  I'm leaning toward tan/gray/green/natural wood furniture for this one.

- Does anyone know where I can take a grammar enrichment class? I can't seem to find one at our local community college but I may need to search again.  Writing has never been my strong suit and I would love a little refresher since I'm guilty of making many grammatical errors.   Especially after seeing this:

Who knew Weird Al Yankovic would make me want to improve my grammar!

- So far I've made it 16 days into my no spend month.  I'm quite proud of myself as I have zero self control but I have my eye on a prize so hopefully it will be worth it in the end.   Anyone else do no spend months?   I try to do them through out the year and they aren't easy.   Especially with all the products floating around blogs and social media!

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  1. Honestly...I would love to know if you find a grammar refresher course in the area. I know I'm guilty of some of those.

  2. I'm totally guilty with the grammar. I feel your pain on the no spend months. I've been trying to do the same until we finish furnishing and decorating our house, it's really hard! I almost always end up buying one item that is an absolute steal each month! It does make it seem a bit easier. Good luck!

  3. I don't think my original comment went through (boo!) but tandem stroller YES! Britax or City Deluxe and Cle de Peau concealer. Worth every penny and lasts forever!

  4. Hey girl! Check out the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I got it at Sephora and it works wonders. I have horrible under eye darkness and this spreads and conceals really well.

  5. Goodness!! I house project list - you are taking on sooo much! With our third, I let a lot fall by the wayside (sometimes it's quite embarassing - which will most likely be my thoughts for thursday post ;) ), but it makes me so less stressed. I really need a grammar course (and I was an English major)! We always make February our no spend month because it's so short (and we can use our Christmas gift cards). It is crazy hard - we don't eat out, and since the weather is so cold it seems like we NEVER go anywhere)! Sounds like you are doing great!

  6. Love your blog, Nat! I use Arbonne's RE9 eye cream which does wonders for my dark circles and bags. And then I use Bobbi Brown corrective concealer in peach which has great coverage, more so than regular concealer. So excited for Baby Henderson #2!! : )

  7. Trace has been on a schedule since month 1 and he's been the happiest baby ever. All of my friends with kids, strangers, family members and neighbors can't believe how calm, happy and easy Trace is. I genuinely credit his strict schedule, as he's always well rested, well fed and rarely overstimulated. So I totally get what you're saying about how go-go-go and boring days just can't happen. Same for us! We have to get out in between naps for a little bit, but other than that we're playing at home, outside or at our community pool. A healthy mix is good for Trace and Mommy :)

  8. Good for you wanting to take a grammar/English class. Please feel free to invite the multiple people who really need it that are out there, too ha. 16 days of no shopping is impressive! I need to do a month of that (what's it called; No-buy-vember or something?). I'll definitely be keeping a schedule post-baby, too. Glad it works for yall!

  9. Under eye concealer: Loreal Magic Lumi Concealer. I go with the lightest shade and I LOVE it. Mayebelline also has a version that I'm partial to as well.

  10. I use Benefit Erase Paste for under eye concealer. Love that stuff. And we just got the Phil & Teds double stroller. It's not a side by side so you can get it through doors easily and it has lots of options on how to use it. I haven't even got it out of the box yet, so you'll have to check back in with me later about whether or not I like it. It did come highly recommended by multiple friends though, so that's good.

  11. My ALL time favorite under-eye is Benefit's Fake Up. I used to use Erase Paste but Fake Up is even better....It's the one product that I use every single day no matter what.

  12. Apparently I need to invest in some Erase Paste/Fake Up!! Way to go on your shopping ban!

  13. I'm in need of some major under eye concealer too!! I'm going to have to try that Fake Up! I'm so glad you get to go through all this double stroller stuff before me so you can give me all your pointers :)

  14. I'm a nap and bedtime schedule nazi, especially with 2 little boys 2 years apart, it's my sanity! We get out every morning and do 1-2 things, nothing big, just to get us out of the house (playgroup, park, etc,). If I play the "I can fit in one more thing" game, we all end up miserable! And I don'r run errands with my kids, I save it for my sitter day, too stressful with 2 kids. I love my City Select inline stroller. And I'm intrigued by your no spend months, what do you consider "no spending" on-like clothes, house decor, etc.?

  15. I totally need to go on a no-spend month. It would be so hard though. I have no self control. I am with you on not getting things done for nursery #2. I was so prepared with my first, and with my second the due date kept slipping up on me, and I had hardly done anything. We ended up selling our house when she was 2 months old and moving in with my parents until our house was finished be built, so poor thing didn't have a "real" room until she was about 6 months old!

  16. NO spend month--- hats off!! And yes, schedules work big time! Esp with another one on the way. If you're doing any travelling to other non western parts of the world, a tandem might be better as the doorways are a little narrower.

    XO Sarita

  17. I feel like long vacations often need vacations to recover lol!

    Linking up with you ladies for the first time today :)

  18. We were at the beach for 2 weeks! I'm scared to death of what it will be like with 2!!! And I'm very very interested on double stroller recommendations....my son will be 3.5 so not sure he will sit in one!


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