Baby Mills: 12 Months

I guess that should techincally say toddler Mills up there because I officially have a toddler!  I still cannot believe that my baby is 1 (I know you are so sick of hearing that).   I haven't done one of these updates in awhile and I wanted to make sure I documented what he was like at one.

Weight: 20lbs 15oz (25%)
Length: 31.25 inches (90%) 
Head: 47.5 centimeters (75%)
You are such a skinny mini! I seriously cannot get you to put on weight.  You've only gained 1lb since your 9 month appointment but the doctor said not to stress because you aren't losing weight.

Clothes:  Size 3 diapers. Size 12 and 18 month clothes- in shorts it's 12 months or smaller.  Size 3 shoes.   He needs 18 month clothes for the length but they're still swimming on him a bit. 

Diet: We got the go ahead at his 1 yr appointment on July 1 to start mixing formula and whole milk to introduce it.  Well we got to the beach on July 5th and had forgotten the formula so we just went with straight milk and you did fine.  So far everything has been good and the milk hasn't upset your stomach at all.   You gets two 6oz bottles a day  one in the morning and one before bed and then a 4oz one sometime in the afternoon.    You eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  You can still be a bit picky/fincky about food but I try to introduce something new once a week. 

Favorite Foods:  waffles, pancakes,  watermelon, mango, blueberries, toast with butter, avocado, broccoli, mac & cheese, ravioli, sweet potatoes, grilled cheese, jelly sandwich 

6-6:30am Wake up and have bottle
7:00-7:30am Breakfast 
8:30-9am Down for morning nap
10:30am  Snack
12:30pm Lunch
2pm Nap (if I'm lucky)
4pm Snack and bottle
6pm Dinner 
7pm Down for bed 

Sleep: Going to bed around 7pm and waking up around 6-6:30am.  You usually takes a 1.5-2 hour morning nap and anywhere from a 30 min to 2 hr afternoon nap.  The afternoon naps are very hit or miss.  I've also been having a harder time with the morning nap the last few days.  I think his schedule might still be screwed up from the beach (fingers crossed).  I am not ready for him to drop that nap. 

Health: I'm happy to say you've been healthy.  Your eczema came back but with Cetaphil eczema wash, Eucerin calming cream and dye free detergent it's pretty much gone.  I think your skin was just getting used to spending more time outside and in the pool after being cooped up inside all winter.  

- the pool
- the beach
- the park and playing outside
- hanging out with Daddy 
- riding in the stroller
- Pacifiers
- Stuffed animals- LJ, Giraffey, and cookie monster 
- Pushing your lawn mower or shopping cart around the house
- Play kitchen
- getting your diaper changed
- getting your clothes changed
- being strapped into the car seat 
- being strapped down anywhere 
- being told no 
Milestones:  This month was a huge month for milestones!    The biggest ones being that you turned 1 year old and started to WALK!! You took his your first couple of steps right before your first birthday and by July 2 you were walking everywhere. You went back to crawling at the beach house because I think you were nervous about the new place but you walked all over the beach when you weren't tripping over the sand.  Now you walk everywhere and it's hard to get you to sit still. I am one tired mama by the end of the day.
- 3 new teeth 
- celebrated Father's day
- celebrated your 1st birthday
- You say mama, dada, baba and have just added wow, yeah, and oh over the last month.  You love to say Oh when you see someone new or see a new toy- it's so cute. 
- You understand no and will shake your head no at me and giggle if I say no to you. I try my hardest not to laugh at this.

Visitors and Social:  We ended your gym class in early June which you loved and I know you probably miss your teacher Miss Lindy but mommy needed a break.   
We've been filling our days with play dates, pool dates, and trips to the park since then and you love all of them.  You are a very social baby and want everyone to be your friend and play with you.  I love watching you interact with other kids and cannot wait to see how much more you blossom this summer! 



  1. Miller is SO stinking cute Nat! You're a lucky mama! I love the dislikes, same as Greyson (STILL.) He always looks liek he's such a happy little guy!!

  2. He's a boy on the move! He seems like such a happy little guy :)

  3. He is simply adorbale!! They grow so fast!!

  4. He is soo cute!! My little guy's eczema always comes back after days in the pool too (fingers crossed he's grown out of it this year). So glad the transition to milk has gone well! I love every age but I totally love the 12-18 month range!

  5. Awwww I just love this! He is the cutest! "Dislikes:being strapped down anywhere" LOLOL.

  6. He is just beyond precious!!! Lily was the same way (still is) with her weight. They are just long and lean!!!

  7. He's so cute! My girl is almost 14 months old and still not walking, but finally starting to stand on her own. My son didn't walk until he was almost 16 months old either. Mine are quick to talk and slow to walk, but once they do there is no stopping them!! So I am just enjoying these crawling days. Love your blog!


  8. He's such a sweet boy!! He doesn't look too skinny at all!! Life's changed a bit now that they are walking all over the place, huh??? Glad to hear he's back to eating well too since you switched to whole milk!!

  9. Aww 12 months and perfect. I thought for a second that it said "Millstones" which would be quite punny of you. But then I realized I can't read ha.

  10. Yay for walking!!!! He is too cute!!!

  11. I can't believe your tiny baby is ONE! Seriously, didn't you JUST have him?! It's crazy how quickly time flies. #2 is going to be here before you know it. SLOW DOWN!!


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