Baby Bump Update and Nursery Thoughts

I wanted to stop by with a little baby bump update since I'm 22 weeks now.  I looked back through my old posts and I can't seem to find a post for 22 weeks with Miller, go figure, but I'm trying to document the best I can! I also have a nursery question at the bottom that I would love your advice on.

I snagged this Jcrew cover up for $12 when they were having their big 40-50% off sale items- that's basically free in Jcrew pricing

How far along? 22 weeks 

Baby Size: According to the what to expect app the baby is 8in, 1 pound which is the size of a spaghetti squash 

Total weight gain/loss: 10lbs- which is 2lbs lighter than I was with Miller at 21 weeks. I did the same thing this pregnany that I did when I was pregnant with M.  I gained 5lbs the first 18 weeks and then put on 5lbs between weeks 18-20.   With M I gained 6lbs the first 18 and then put on 6lbs in the 3 weeks.  The crazy thing is I'm eating so much differently this time around (read: healthier), I'm exercising much more, and I don't have the luxury of sitting around on my butt all the time like I did the first round.   So I don't know if that time period is a big baby growth spurt or if this is just how I gain baby weight.  Either way I'm hoping to try to keep my weight in check as best I can.  I gained 40lbs with Miller and would love to stay under 30lbs this time, I guess we will see what happens! 

Maternity clothes? A big mix.  Most of my dresses and tops are not maternity but I am in maternity shorts. I have been lucky this go round since I'm not working that I can pull off a lot more non-maternity stuff that works at the park or pool with kids but wouldn't in the office.

Sleep:   Sleep hasn't been too awful this time around.  I have trouble falling asleep at night but once I'm out I'm using good until 2-4am. I usually wake up to use the bathroom in this time frame and Miller is famous for having some late night shout outs in his sleep that wake me up, thankfully I can usually get right back to sleep.

Miss Anything?  Alcohol.  I would love an ice cold beer or a huge glass of wine!  I miss it so much more this time than I did the first go round. 
Movement: Yes-I swear this baby is more active than Miller and I might be screwed when I have 2 crazy boys running around!  

Food cravings:  Nothing really right now.  Such a nice change from last time!  

Food aversions: Nope- again a nice change from last time. 

Symptoms: Growing belly!  I can't hide this baby bump anymore
Gender: Boy!

Happy or Moody:  Happy!  I am a bit emotional and cry/tear up so much easier than normal but it's usually a happy cry, like a commercial or an article I read on the internet.   I have become a huge softy.  

Looking forward to:  Working on the nursery which leads me to my next question for you all... 

**Nursery thoughts... would love your advice!**
  When we moved into our house last spring I made the smaller bedroom Miller's room because I had planned for it to be the nursery for all our babies.  My thought was that I would move Miller out of the nursery when he was ready for a big boy room and the new baby would move in.    At 16 months I don't think Miller will be ready for a big boy room yet but everyone keeps telling us that we should move Miller to the bigger room and put the baby in the nursery since Miller will need the bigger bed, etc first.  I'm having a hard time with this because 1.) I feel that room is Miller's room and I can't imagine putting another baby in there and 2.) he sleeps so well in there and knows it's his room and I'm afraid the transition will just be awful and we will deal with no sleeping again. Sleep has been a struggle since the beginning and we are finally at a really great spot!
For reference: 
Miller's current room is: 9'5" x 11'5"
Other room: 11'5"x 12'

So what do you all think?   Should I move Miller to the bigger room or just leave him in smaller room now and put the baby in the big room? 



  1. You're looking great!! I wish I gained as little weight as you did with pregnancies - healthy mama!! We had the same issue with Avery being in the smaller room and just kept her in there. They don't even know that one of them has a bigger room at this age and I definitely would worry about it affecting sleep, etc.

  2. You look amazing. Maybe it is b/c I'm having a girl but I'm CRAZY emotional and even though I weigh the same I'm gaining in my face and arms/legs this time. Miserable!
    If the closets are the same why not leave Miller where he is? I'm moving my son but he is almost 3.5 and the closet is way bigger in his soon to be big boy room. I'm slowly getting him excited about it...I showed him his new shark sheets...etc. and he seems to like the idea but I think this all helps b/c he is older. Take pics of the rooms and show us! Also did you say Miller's room is right by yours? That is the other thing, we have to have the nursery by our room so hopefully the other kids can sleep without hearing the crying.

  3. You look great! Love the bump!! I think it's fine to keep Miller where he is. All kids transition to the big boy bed/room at different stages and you could always do a toddler bed for a bit if you think a twin might be too cramped in his room. There's already going to be a lot of change for him when the baby arrives, so if i were me, I'd probably try to keep anything I can somewhat normal for him.

  4. I think you miss alcohol more because we depend on that as parents! ha..we just NEED to relax at the end of the day with wine or beer if crabs are involved. ;)

  5. You look adorable!! I have already gained 10 lbs and I'm only 17+ weeks :/ I need to slow down on the cravings! I think it would be fine to leave Miller in his room. If he seems to like it, then why move him? Maybe when he gets older he may say "hey, why don't I have the big room" haha, but that would be a while...

  6. You look great! What a steal on that cover-up. I'm having the same experience with weight gain - almost exactly the same as the first time around despite eating better, being busier chasing a toddler vs. sitting on my rear, etc. Frustrating but what can you do?

    Sounds like the rooms are pretty close in size. If you're concerned about a move disrupting Miller, I say leave him where he is. The last thing you need is two little ones not sleeping! :)

  7. Glad the birthday went so smoothy! I vote leave him. Make the bigger bedroom the new nursery. With boys that close in age I bet they want to be together in the larger room a few years down the road anyway!

  8. You look adorable! I missed wine so much more when I was pregnant with Jonah. As for the rooms - leave miller where he's at. The kids no idea who has a bigger room. Once they get older you can all re-evaluate it :)

  9. You look GREAT - so excited for you! I would Miller where he is, easiest is best! :)

  10. I would also just keep him where he is since he's doing well in that room plus you may decide to keep the new baby in your room for a little while anyway and can always switch them around later. And now you get to design a brand new nursery! Bonus!

  11. You look sooo good!! I would recommend keeping Miller wear he is - for all the reasons you stated and I think babies have a lot more stuff - it may be nice to have the extra space.

  12. I am also 22 weeks pregnant (with a girl!) and have a 22 month old boy. We had the same nursery debate...move our boy into a bigger room or keep him in the tiny (TINY) nursery at the top of the stairs and put baby girl in the bigger room. We decided to move MH into the bigger room and put baby girl in the current nursery, and have really talked up the "big boy room" aspect of it. So he's excited, and I get to design two new rooms. Yay! Now if I can just muster up the energy to stay awake past 8:30 pm to get the rooms done...


  13. Leave him in his nursery. he will notice the difference and change, whereas the new baby boy won't know any different.

  14. I'd leave him where he is. We left Mac in his room, even though it's much closer to our bedroom (and would be easier with a baby) because we don't want to change things too much for him or throw off his sleep. Sleep and not freaking out the toddler is way more important than a few extra feet of space. And how much time does he spend in his room anyway? Mac is NEVER in his room, unless he's sleeping, in which case he doesn't need space. The new baby will probably be in your room for a while anyway. And after a year or two, they'll probably want to share a room!

  15. You're adorable and I'm so glad you squeezed in a bump date. You will be glad you have it later! Keep them coming...

  16. You look amazing and I'm obsessed with your J.Crew steal! Love the bump updates - keep 'em coming! As for the rooms, I'd do whatever you think will work best for Miller. It's already going to be enough of a transition for him when the baby's born so if you're worried that a move might mess up his schedule, I'd keep him where he is. The boys won't know, or care, who has the bigger room for a long time!

  17. I tried that J. Crew cover up awhile back and it just didn't look right on me. Looks adorable on you! Maybe I need to be pregnant for it to look cute!

  18. I don't have any motherly advice, but I would just keep Miller in his room. Seems easier and less worry on your part. But, agIn, I have no frame of reference, ha

  19. You look great! I would keep Miller in his own room. There will be enough changes I think that having the consistency of his own room will be good for him. Don't mess with good sleep :)


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