Weekend Recap and Link Up Annoucement!

Can you all believe it is June?!!  This year is just flying by and I can't believe my baby is going to be 1 this month.     I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  The weather here was absolutely gorgeous so we spent as much time outside as possible.   This post is long and picture heavy but try to make it to the bottom so you can hear about my other exicting announcement!

My mom gave Miller these  overalls a few months ago so I was trying to snap some pictures of him in them- after I sent her this one she requested one from the front without the pacifier in his mouth. 

I don't think I've talked about it here but Miller has become a pacifier baby. At first I hated it but once he started taking it around 8 months he starting sleeping through the night!!!!! So for the time being it's a win in our book.
Here is what it looks like if you try to take it away from him:

The paci is back and we are happy. 

Friday night we spent time riding around in the wagon- which is his new favorite thing and Kyle and I dined al fresco with some pizza that we picked up from our local Italian place.   

On Saturday we headed into Baltimore for the Taste of Three Cities Food Truck Gathering.  The gathering featured food trucks from Philadephia, DC, and Baltimore.   It was so much fun and the food was so good.   It was a little crowded and I think next year we'll bring our own chairs and blankets so we can relax in the shade a little longer.

The food trucks we tried were:
Made in the Shade Lemonade
DC Taco
Philly Farm Truck
Kommie Pig
Bistro Lunch Box
Rita Loco
Flavor Cupcakery

I picked up that Anthropologie top I blogged about on Friday and I'm obsessed!! I will fill you in on more on Wednesday. 

Sunday we spent most of the morning cleaning but we did get a chance to hit up the pool and give Miller a ride on his tricycle I snagged FREE for him from a neighbor!!  My neighborhood has a virtual yard sale on Facebook and people are constantly just giving away kids stuff- it's awesome!
It's one of those tricycles that he can grow into but right now we can just push him around- I think it's time to pick up a helmet!! 

 He LOVED the bell so much and everytime we would ring it he woud giggle and make the face below.  It was too cute. :)

Link-Up Announcement!! 
I'm super excited to host a new link-up on Thursday's with Annie of Home of Malones called Thoughts for Thursday.  The first link-up will be this Thursday (6/5) and we hope that all of you will join us!  The best part of the link-up is that it can truly be about ANYTHING.   Everything you write about our your "thoughts", so share them, link-up and meet some new bloggers!  If you would like to see some posts that Annie and I have written that inspired the link-up, you can read my Naptime Confessions (here, here, here) and some of Annie's recent Thoughts for Thursday posts.  This doesn't have to be the set up of your posts though.  We want to read about everything.  Share your favorite thoughts on fitness, beauty, food, fashion, decor or coffee.  We don't care as long as we get to learn a little bit more about you.

Now grab the button here by copying the code below and pasting it into the HTML portion of your new Thoughts for Thursday post. 

Thoughts for Thursday
We can't wait to read your thoughts and get to know you a little better or meet some new bloggers we haven't met yet!! We hope you get to know us a little better too!!


  1. LOVE all those sweet photos of Miller. I can't believe how grown up these boys are! Brody was never a pacifier baby either although he would take one(the big monkey you might have seen in our pictures) when he would go down for naps and bedtime. But about a month ago, we noticed him grabbing for it during the day and wanting to walk around with it all the time. Now I just keep it in his bedroom mainly because I am worried about the weight of the paci causing him to get "bucked teeth." haha. Seriously though, I think it could...

  2. We were going to go to the Gathering on Saturday! We ended up staying home and going in our pool instead. Looks like fun.

  3. But hoooooooow are you pregnant??? You are so tiny you'd never know! And Miller with his tongue sticking out in a few pictures without the paci... haha, so silly!! Looks like a GREAT weekend to me!

  4. Aw, Miller is so cute!! Jonah is a big pacifier baby too. The attachment has grown more the past few months. The problem is that he's a little over two and I don't know how to wean him. Elyse never used it so I'm new to this. Love the idea of the new link-up and of course will join you sweet girls!

  5. How awesome! I love that little wagon! I have been going back and forth on getting one for the girls, but after seeing this, I don't think I can resist any longer!

  6. Love Miller's little red and white striped shirt. So cute! Food truck days are the best!

  7. Miller is just the cutest! And those overalls - too sweet!

  8. Miller is so cute (I love his hair)! I just had to retire our tricycle (same one) after about 6 years! It was such a good one and I know we'll end up getting the same one for the new baby eventually. We have a big food truck day in our city and I keep meaning to make it - your pictures make it look so fun (and delicious)!

  9. I love it when baby's have pacis in their mouths! They look so cute! But I know they are so bad for their teeth. They're the reason I had to get braces. I don't care, my baby will always have a paci in his/her mouth. I love that anthro top! Fun weekend!

  10. love those sweet overalls! honestly I have tried giving Weeks a pacifier in the last few months thinking it would ease teething #whatwasithinking

  11. He looks like such a big boy in those overalls! We have a paci baby over here too ;) what a fun weekend!! Xoxoxo

  12. Those may be the cutest pictures ever! Miller's face when you took away the paci and on that bike are so priceless!

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