Monday Mismash

Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend this weekend. Nothing really exciting at all and I barely took any pics but here is what we were up to.

Friday we had two play dates- one at the park and one at our community pool.  I thought they would exhaust Miller but I'm pretty sure I was the one that was more tired on Friday night.  Go figure. 

Kyle went out to get some drinks with friends in DC so I treated myself to the only thing I can indulge in now: FOOD
I got enough for Kyle to eat when he got home and of course I got extra garlic sauce ;) 

Saturday was really low key- we spent most of the day cleaning and doing yard work but we did go to a friend's 3rd birthday where I let Miller try cake for the first time.   As you can see he's his mother's child, he loved it.  

Sunday morning was spent doing chores and running errands. We headed back to the pool in the afternoon in hopes of exhausting Miller into a 2 hour nap so we could finish yard work. 

I never really used my cart cover because I wasn't that stressed about germs but someone has started trying to climb out of the cart or stand up in the cart- even when belted in.  I found that with a arsenal of toys, snacks, and the over the shoulder straps I can keep him down and actually get shopping done.

Miller took his first steps this morning!  The past week he's gotten much more brave and today he just let go of his chair and walked right over to me!   I was in shock but I'm so happy that I got to see it.   It was only about 3 steps but it was still exciting for this mom :)
This was his excited picture that we sent to Daddy since he missed it. 

Piperlime is having 25% off skirts, dresses, and sandals with the code RSVPSTYLE
I'm loving these styles and maybe someone not pregnant could buy them so I could live vicariously through them...thanks :) 

French Connection Hanna Sandal

In case you were wondering the countdown to Miller's first birthday is only 4 days away... pass the box of tissues please.  I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! 



  1. How awesome! Way to go M! Soon he will be running. I love his mocs!

  2. Hah totally had Papa Johns on Friday night. WIN. Loving that max on sale!

  3. Go Miller! I LIVE for low key weekends filled with extra garlic dipping sauce.

  4. Love that maxi dress! so exciting he took his first steps!

  5. Awe his first steps!! Bet your husband was sad he missed it!

  6. I can do some damage to a Papa Johns pizza! It's my favorite "cheaper" pizza brand. That garlic sauce!! Yum! I've got to avoid Piperlime. Too many cute dresses and none for me!

  7. Way to go Miller!!! So fun to see them walking and to watch their little face at how proud they are!! I have to stay away from that Piperlime sale!! Too much temptation...okay, well maybe I bought that one pineapple dress I blogged about last week, but thats IT!!!! haha :)

  8. I need that long striped maxi! Yayee for first steps!

  9. First steps are HUGE!!!!! Good job Miller!!!!!

  10. Congrats on the first steps!!! Go, Miller!

    The face he's making while eating cake is PRICELESS, lol.

  11. Yea Miller!!! Can't wait to see pics of him eating his birthday cake!

  12. Yay Miller! First steps! That's so exciting! I'm so proud of him! I can't wait to do all the first milestones again with Mim. Such a fun age!

  13. Awww goooo Miller (on the steps and the cake)!! What a sweet picture to remember the moment too! Happy birthday to your sweetie!!


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