Boy or Girl? The Old Wives Tales, Round 2

Update:  I forgot to add that we are finding out what we are having this week- we're not waiting until birth.  So this was just for fun and I will let you all know once we know!!  

I did this last year when I was pregnant with Miller so I thought it would be fun to do again!
To be honest I haven't been obsessing about the gender this time around as much as I was with Miller.  I'm going to super excited either way.  Having one of each would be fun and having brothers so close in age would be fun.  Either way I will be dressing them in matching/similar outfits just like my mom did to us for many, many years :) 

Last year most of my Old Wives tales said GIRL and I ended up with a BOY so I know these things are not necessarily true but they're still fun to try!

Chinese Gender Predictor 
According to Baby Center, legend says that the gender chart is more than 700 years old and was discovered in a royal tomb. It predicts your baby's sex based on your Chinese lunar age at the time you got pregnant and the Chinese lunar month in which you conceived.  I used the Baby Center one and one that Annie sent me and they both said the same thing.

Prediction: GIRL

Fetal Heart Rate
This one says if your unborn baby's heart rate is higher, above 140 beats per minute, that means you're carrying a girl. A lower heart rate below 140 bpm means you're having a boy.

Prediction: GIRL
At 11 weeks- 169
At 15 weeks- 160

Ring Test
The ring test says to string your wedding ring on a string or piece of hair and then dangle it over your belly while you are laying down.  If it swings back and forth it's a boy and if it swings in a circle it's a girl.

Prediction: BOY

Kyle did this one with me and it swung back and forth right away!

Baking Soda Test 
What you do is put a little bit of baking soda in the bottom of a disposable cup and then add a little bit of your urine to it. If it fizzles like a soda, its boy. If there’s no fizzle, then it's a girl.

Prediction: GIRL

This one is similar to the Drano test- which I didn't want to mess with.

Mayan Age and Year Legend
This one works by taking the mother's age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it's a girl. If one's even and one's odd, it's a boy.
Age: 32- even
Year: 2014- even

Prediction: GIRL

Morning Sickness in 1st Trimester
If you have bad morning sickness then it's a girl, if you have little to no morning sickness it's a boy.
(I honestly find this one hard to judge because how bad you feel is somewhat subjective.)  I had 3 weeks with 24/7 nausea but that subsided to just evening nausea for about 2 weeks and then I felt awesome.  So I'm saying no to the morning sickness

Prediction: BOY

Bad skin Theory
This one says that girls steal your beauty and boys enhance your beauty, so if you your face is breaking out and your hair is greasy it's a girl.  If your skin is glowing and your hair is thick and voluminous it's a boy.

Prediction: GIRL 

My face isn't breaking out too much but my skin is just really blah and my hair sucks.  I can't get it to do anything these days.

Personal Predictions
Me and Kyle- BOY
My Mom and Sister- GIRL
My Dad is completely on the fence and can't decide.

So what's your prediction?  Do you have any other tricks that I haven't tried yet?   If you've already had a baby were the old wives tales correct? 


  1. I guess GIRL!!!! So excited for you!

  2. We did like 8 old wives tales and they turned up right!

  3. GIRL!!! Your symptoms are soooo different this time around!

  4. I need to do these tests! I keep forgetting to ask my Dr what the heart rate is and she never told us! Our next appt is the 27th and I think we will be able to find out the gender! I'm so excited! I take it you guys are not finding out?

  5. I'm guessing girl! Based on a the old wives tails and Chinese gender prediction chart, both of my pregnancies were predicted to be girls. They were right once! ;)

  6. I think girl :) Can't wait to hear!!

  7. I think it's going to be a GIRL!!!!! But I know when I'm pregnant for #2, I'm going to convince myself that it's a boy so I'll be super excited and surprised if it turns out to be a girl :) But honestly, like you, I'd be thrilled either way!!

  8. I'm guessing girl...because the Chinese one's been right for me and most people I know!

  9. Apparently I'm notoriously wrong on these - BUT, I'm feeling a girl for you!

  10. Eek can't wait to find out what you're having! We have all girls, but they're fur-covered, so my husband would die if I had a girl baby. (Die and go to heave on earth, that is ha).

  11. All of the old wives tales also predicted girl for me and obviously were wrong so I don't trust those tests. I'm also typically wrong but I would guess boy.

  12. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! Chinese told me a girl (true) and three others I know. :)

  13. My mom swore up and down by the Chinese calendar before we knew the gender. The calendar said Boy and this one is all GIRL! I think you are having a girl as well!!

  14. Just goes to show it's all 50/50! I hope it's a girl so you can have one of each! Life as I know it

  15. With my new little gal I was sicker than ever (but maybe that is bc each time I've gotten worse). My skin, nails and hair were awful (thank goodness for sephora). But her heart rate was lower. Also not related to gender but I had no heartburn until the last month and she has a ton of hair. With my boys I had heartburn the whole time and one was bald until he was 2! Cannot wait to hear what you are having!


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