Home of Malones Guest Post and Met Gala Favorite

Happy Tuesday!
    Just stopping in to say I'm guest posting over at Home of Malones today while Annie and her husband are enjoying some fun and sun in Turks and Caicos- sans baby.  I must admit I'm a little jealous ;)

  I just started reading Annie's blog a few months ago and shortly afterwards we discovered that are sons have the exact same birthday!  It's been so fun to have another fellow new mom and blogger to talk to about our first year of motherhood.   Not only does she have the cutest little guy named Brody but she also just moved into a brand new house that will knock your socks off!   She did a little interview with me so if you want to head on over and learn a few new things about me and check out her blog I highly suggest it ;)


No moving along to the Oscars of fashion...the MetGala.  

These two were my favorite:

 Blake looked stunning as usual and Ryan is always so handsome, no matter what. 

I think they are rivaling Tom Brady and Gisele for best looking MetGala couple. 


  1. They're just ridiculously good looking! Gorgeous babies in their future! Love reading those fun little facts about you and finding a new blog to follow!

  2. I follow both you guys! :) ... and read your interview! ... and yes I do love me some Blake & Ryan too!


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