Scenes from the Weekend and a Baking Trick

Happy Monday Y'all!

We had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect so we took every opporunity to spend it outside.   

We celebrated my mom's birthday on Friday night at my parent's house with pizza and cake. It was low key and perfect.   Is there any better way to celebrate?  

My mom and Miller  
(a little blurry but still cute)

I was in charge of making a birthday cake for my mom and didn't have time for a cake from scratch so I decided to try a Pinterest trick that my sister used on Easter. 

How to make boxed cake taste like a bakery cake 
 1. Look at the directions on the box
2. Add one more egg
3. Instead of oil use melted butter and double the amount 
4. Instead of water use whole milk (I only had skim so I used that)
5. Mix well and bake for time indicated on the box
*the batter will be really thick but that's normal 

Verdict:  Success!  The cake was moist and dense like a bakery cake- it was so good!   I think this will be my go to from now on when I used boxed cake mix. 

On Saturday we were able to enjoy our new deck and we took trip to a local state park which has a beach right on the Chesapeake Bay.

While it was a bit windy and cool on the water it was still nice to relax on a beach and already has me dreaming of our vacations this summer.  

On Sunday Miller and I joined my sister at the Federal Hill Spring Festival in Baltimore while Kyle and my brother in law went golfing.   The weather was gorgeous and the festival was small but fun.  Live music, fun little shops, fried food, and big beers.   In shocking news I took zero pictures yesterday!! That has to be some sort of record for me but I'm happy because it means I was in the moment and not stressing about documenting it.  I'm trying to work on being more present instead of always trying to take a picture.  

I woke up today with a pretty bad cold, I thought it was allergies but I'm afraid it's a cold that might turn into a sinus infection.  Ugh.  So I'm sipping some lemon tea and hoping it's just a cold I can fight through.   Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Can't wait to try your cake trick. I'm very impressed with how professional it looks!!

  2. Love the cake trick! I'll be trying it for sure!

  3. Thanks for posting the cake tips, I must try this soon!!!

  4. I love the cake tips - I can't wait to try it out!!!

  5. your mom and miller are so cute together! and thanks for the baking tip- i'm going to bookmark that one!

  6. Ohh I have a boxed cake in the pantry right now. I think tonight is the night to make cupcakes!

  7. That boxed cake recipe sounds ah-mah-zing! I will definitely be trying that. Feel better!

  8. Ugh so sorry about your cold. :( The worst. And thank you for the tip about the cake! Yum!

  9. Definitely trying that cake recipe trick! The beach looks dreamy!

  10. Think making those changes def makes the cake homemade. How was the Fed Hill Fest? I've heard a few people who went.

  11. I hope you feel better soon!! It sounds like you had a great weekend (minus the cold!). Sometimes I feel guilty when I don't take pictures, but then I realize it means I was actually part of the action.

  12. The deck is beautiful! Glad you guys are enjoying it and the nice weather. :)


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