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If you've been following this blog for any amount of time you know that I love to shop.  I'm not going to lie, when I first found out I was having a boy I was a little disappointed because I didn't think shopping would be as fun as a little girl would be but let me tell you I was wrong!!   I have found that there is a lot of junk out there for both baby boys and girls so you really have to search to find the good stuff.   I have also found that baby clothes sell out/change style really quickly so if I find something I like I will buy it in two sizes so I have it for when Miller grows out of it. 

I also do not believe in spending a lot of money on baby clothes unless it's for a special occasion. Not matter how much you like to think you're baby won't be messy you're wrong and the clothes will all be covered in spit up, food, dirt, poop, etc at one point or another.  

Carter's:  to be honest I originally hated Carter's.  I was not and still aren't really a fan of the baby clothes that say Mommy's little mvp, Daddy's sidekick etc.  Nothing wrong with them, just not my thing.  I found with Carter's that I had to search to find the cute stuff and the website ended up being where I purchased most of Miller's clothes when he was 0-3 and 3-6 months. 
Now I have to admit that Carter's really stepped up their game this spring and I am so impressed with the clothes that I have already splurged on a bunch for Miller during their last sale. 

Here are some of the items we've added to Miller's spring/summer wardrobe:

I picked up this polo shirt in the blue above, yellow, navy and green stripe, pink, and white!  I bought a size up and I'm hoping they will carry us through the summer. 

I picked this up in the stripe but want to get in a few more clothes because most were sold out in my store. 

I picked these up in the blue above, grey, and khaki.  I really wanted to get the red but they sold out of them in store and online.  

Baby Gap:  They are killing it with little girls clothes lately but they haven't been too bad with the boys either.   I like to wait until there is a 30-40% off sale because Gap can get pricey but if you snag it on a sale day you can really get some great deals. 

Here are some items on my list: 

Janie and Jack:  I was lucky enough to snag a bunch of really cute stuff for Miller for this upcoming summer at their big end of the season sale last year! I check their sale items frequently to
try to stock up for next year if I can. 

If I was shopping full price though here are some items I would love to have for church/dressier occasions: 

Ralph Lauren Outlet:  If you can't tell already I like to dress Miller very preppy.   Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite places but their prices for children's clothes is outrageous!  Thankfully I have a Ralph Lauren Outlet close by and was able to stock up on sweaters and pants for Miller last fall.  I plan to make another trip for the summer so that I can stock up again.   You can also find a lot of good RL at Marshalls and TJ Maxx- again the girls selection is better but they still have some great stuff for boys.  I have found some good stuff at Lord and Taylor on sale- but these sales are hard to come by in the baby section. 

Smocked Auctions:   I do love a traditional longall/shortall/jon jon on little boys for special occasions.   Again these can be really pricey but I thankfully stumbled upon Smocked Auctions on Instagram and was able to nab some great piecese for spring/summer for a steal!  These are all around $30 a piece which is good because most run upwards of $60. 

I never find anything cute at Target and Old Navy has been very hit or miss for me (it might be our store.)  I think I've gotten him one pair of pants there but I've found it very underwhelming in general. I haven't tried Children's Place or Gymboree so I don't know if I'm missing anything there or not.  

So tell me where you buy kids clothes!  Am I missing any good places to shop for boys? 



  1. Carter's is the place I love to hate. I don't do all of the weird phrases but you can get great boys pants that grow with them there. I love BabyGap so much! Do you have any Hartstrings by you? I always stock up there when I am in PA!

  2. I have a friend who dresses her 15 month old son very traditionally and preppy and most of his clothes are from Gymboree. Their website is extremely user friendly and their clothes run a little big, which is great for our tall boys! I've bought Trace some super cute stuff there! It's owned by the same company that owns Janie and Jack, so the clothes are very well made. Check it out...

  3. We shop similar stores for Blaire - particularly baby gap. I can't pass up a good 40% off sale! I've found that Old Navy is much better online than in store. For inexpensive play clothes, which don't last more than a couple wears before they're stained, I find some good stuff there on occasion. I also find cute stuff from J. Crew factory and J. Crew crewcuts line - but I wait for sales as it's typically pretty pricey.

    I never have luck at Children's Place or Gymboree - most of it's not my style (too many words and animal appliques) and the quality isn't good at Children's Place in my experience.

    Have you tried Macy's for RL stuff? They run sales pretty often and have a good selection of RL children's items.

  4. As babies...the boys lived in Carters and Gap. Carters just seemed to hold up really well, stay soft and it was easy on easy off. Now that they are getting older, I do most and all of their shopping at Gap, Old Navy or Target. They are compltely different sizes (one is tall and super skinny, other is average height but solid). For jeans, I get Target because they fit in length and waist. I can do this at Gap too. Shirts I like at Gap or Old Navy, and like you...I don't like sayings are wording all over. I love to dress them classic, Marylandy and a bit preppy. :-)

  5. We shop at basically all the same places! love the picks! How do you thinker smocked auctions sizing runs, looking at something for easter!

  6. Did you know Arundel Mills has a Janie and Jack outlet?

  7. We have a store called Ruum. I believe it's part of the American Eagle family. They do sales all the time and they're always discounting 50% off the clearance price. Their clothes are super cute, though they aren't super preppy.

  8. I get most of Hunters stuff at Old Navy and Target, I just can't spend a lot on his clothes because he's so rough on everything and staining things and growing so fast. I have a hard time spending more than $10 on any one item, fortunately I've had decent luck with most places.

  9. I always love how you dress Miller and know if I have a boy that he'll be in these same styles! When he gets a little bigger, try the VV outlet in Leesburg. Their kids clothes run small (both my girls fit in their 2T around 14-15 months) but are so adorable!

  10. Cute post!! Love your cute finds. I love babyGap for pajamas so much and sometimes find a few clothes but it kills me that they do such a great job with the girl stuff and never as good with the boys. I'm a sucker for all the smocked jon jons and bubbles which I find at local stores or shrimpandgrits.com always sells some of my favorites. I've recently found a few good shops that pop up on Zulily too that you can buy from.

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  12. Miller always looks so preppy and nautical. Perfect baby style in my opinion!

    For babies I definitely think it's smart not to go with anything expensive. They grow so quickly! Once they are in toddler/preschool age I really like Mini Boden and Hanna Andersson. I never pay full price (there are often sales/promotions/codes) and use cashback sites. I have found that the shorts, shirts, pajamas, and underwear from those two stores hold up really well. They don't shrink like Gap and Old Navy in the dryer (my nanny family almost always uses the dryer so that's key).


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