Naptime Confessions

The little man is down for a nap and I don't have the energy to craft a blog post the requires much brain power so here we go...

- Yesterday during naptime I watched 5 episodes of Melissa and Joey.  The show from ABC Family.  It's so cheesy and so cute all at the same time.  I love me some Melissa Joan Hart.

- We've been on a diet since Sunday.  It sucks.  Why can't I still have my 21 yr old metabolism where I could eat junk food and drink beer all day and not gain any weight.  

- Sometimes I let Miller watch cartoons.  I swore I wouldn't but when you're home alone with a 7 month old 12 hours a day 5 days a week you pretty much throw all those rules out the window.   Disney Jr and Sprout have saved some major 5:30pm meltdowns. 

- I hate the baby food stage.  I cannot wait until Miller can chew/gnaw food better.  Every single meal is a huge fight so I usually just give up.

- I rarely make my bed.  I just don't see the point.  I assume I need to change this if I ever expect Miller to make his bed one day.

- I've been loving beer lately.  Especially Blue Moon or Hoegaarden.  I think it's just my body craving warmer weather. 

- Drive through Starbucks is pretty much the best thing ever. 

- I just bought a bunch of warm weather clothing from J.Crew factory even though I probably won't be able to wear any of it until May.  Again I'm over winter. 

- I have an embarrassing about of clothes in my closet that still have tags on them.  It's a horrible habit.  I need to stop.

- I'm trying my hardest to learn how to enjoy cooking.  I mean I cook food because I have to but I don't really enjoy the act of it.  Now that I have this gorgeous new kitchen I really need to get my act together.  Any suggestions?  I do love to bake but that isn't really working with this new diet right now. 

- I need to start working out again, regularly, but I just can't find the motivation with the weather we've been having.  My bed is too warm in the mornings. 

-Kyle and I don't have a TV in our room because I heard they were bad for your marriage before we got married we made it a rule.  Well now we both watch TV on our ipads in bed together.  Can't imagine that's good either, haha.

- I'm very easily distracted.  I started this post at 2pm and now it's 2:50pm and I'm just finishing up. Oops.  There was just so many other things on the internet I had to look at, haha. 

Off to have some coffee and clean the kitchen before the little guy wakes up. 



  1. I need to make a trip to JCrew Factory this weekend. I need some clothes for Mexico.
    The pie I am bringing in a few weeks if def part of your diet.
    Who cares if Miller watches TV? We all did! Sesame Street kept my mom sane. She used to put me in front of the TV in a bouncy seat thing while she showered. And Im totally normal and smart :)
    So funny about watching the iPad in bed. Love it.

  2. I love blue moon too that and shock top are my favs. But newest beer though is Westbrook White Thai. It's from a brewery here in Charleston and it's so good. I have negative zero motivation to workout also. Even with it bring 80 degrees today, nope.

  3. I blame the weather for this doldrums of no exercise. Ooh I love new clothes.

  4. Love Blue Moon and Hoegaarden! Would love one right now, with an orange wedge in the hammock sans 5 feet of snow. I also never make my bed but it did cross my mind that I will need to start making it if I want my kids to make theirs!

  5. I love Blue Moon too, soooo good especially on a hot day! Have you tried the Skinny Taste website? She has awesome, easy recipes and her food always tastes amazing!

  6. Oh TV in your room is bad for marriage? I think not especially when someone does not want to watch what the other person is watching in the family room!

  7. Love this post!

    I went for a jog yesterday...my first workout since summer (I can't do cold either)! Suffice it to say, that I am hurting today...like every muscle in my body aches, ha!

    And so funny about the TV- we only have one TV and it used to be in the bedroom. I got tired of watching TV instead of visiting at the end of the night so we moved it...now I want to buy another one; I really really like watching movies in bed!

  8. I never make our bed either and I TOTALLY have told Bryan that same thing!! If I expect Trace to make his bed I'm going to have to start making ours. Waaah!!!!

  9. laughed out loud! love me some melissa joan hart, too! brings me back to the sabrina days, when life was simple. ;) also, why did i just never have a 21 year old metabolism, even at 21? lol. i missed out.

  10. I am desperately trying to get back into a routine but I am failing miserably. I just quit my Transformations membership to switch to Golds. I am hoping a change in gyms will motivate me??!!

  11. I'm laughing at this post because I can relate to every single part of it. This mom stuff is no joke! Oh and shopaholics unite ;) P.S. You need no diet skinny lady!!

  12. We have this on-going joke called Separated Togetherness. This is usually in the evening, after the kids go to bed where we watch the news or a tv show...both on our laptops. We don't have a tv in the room either. Mostly because when I sleep...I need absolute silence. I have a ridiculous amount of clothes in my closet too, that i haven't worn or bought because I just had to have it...and still maybe got one wear. It's bad.

  13. I totally agree that tvs in the bedroom are not a good idea. I'm just as bad about being on my phone and ipad though.


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