A Day in the Life

I've seen a few people do these and now that I have a pretty good schedule with Miller I decided to document one of our days.  To be honest I started to do it for the blog but it ended up being really helpful to me with how well my days are running and how much I'm actually accomplishing.

The day I chose was this past Monday February 24 and we were at home most of the day except for Miller's gym class.  I chose this day because we didn't have to run and errands and I didn't have to do any work outside of the house so I consider this a typical day.    I ended up being really detailed with my day so I hope I don't bore you too much!  Not all my days look like this and somedays Kyle is out of town or Miller is fussy all day or the dog drives me bonkers all day.  I just happened to get a really good day on Monday- minus the lack of sleep Miller was a happy camper and easy to please most of the day. 

A Day in the Life: Monday February 24, 2014

1:30am Miller wakes up crying and I can't calm him down with just back rubs so I bring him into our room and nurse him.  He's back to sleep within 20 minutes.  Put him back in his crib.  Did I mention I didn't go to bed until 11:30pm...

5:00am Miller is back up crying hard again. I bring him into our room, lay him on my chest and rub his back until he falls asleep.   Let him sleep in our bed (this never happens but I'm desparate as this point for some sleep!) until 6am and then I put him back in his crib.
6:30am Miller is up for the day (an hour earlier than normal! Teething is really messing with his sleep and mine! He usually only wakes up once a night if he wakes up at all and usually sleeps until 7-7:30am) Kyle usually picks him up and changes him in the morning because this is the only time they get together during the day.  I nurse him and then we play in bed while Kyle gets ready for the work. 

6:50am- I put M in the pack n play in our room and run downstairs to feed the dog and let her out, change a load of laundry, and make myself a cup of coffee. I'm back upstairs by 7:05am- I brush my teeth, put in contacts and wash my face before we all head down for the day.

7:10am- Kyle leaves for work.  I pop M onto the family room floor with his toys and I put away dishes and prep his breakfast

7:30 Breakfast for me and Miller.  M has whole grain waffle with a sippy cup of water and I have an egg sandwich. 

7:50am Back up stairs so I can put away some laundry.

8:11am Head back to the family room to play before nap time.

8:25am Miller is really cranky and not happy with playing so we head up for his morning nap.  Diaper change and one story before lights out.  (Miller usually talks to himself/fusses for 5-10 mins before falling asleep) At 8:35am he is screaming which isn't normal so I head upstairs with some Tylenol and I rock him back to sleep.

9:00-9:30am Miller is finally asleep so I catch up on emails and read some blogs. 

9:30-10:15am  Upstairs to shower and get ready for the day.

10:15am Miller is up from his nap and in a happy mood!  Change his clothes and diaper and head downstairs for a bottle.  Pop M in the exersaucer so I can make him a bottle and me a quick snack.  I also sneak downstairs and change out the laundry.  M gets an 8oz bottle at this feeding. 

10:30am- Feed M his bottle and try to eat my snack but when I'm not looking Layla steals most of it.  It's just apple slices so I have a feeling she isn't going to be happy ; ) 

10:50am- Get ready to leave for gym class.  Get Miller in hat and coat, gather up my diaper bag and get the dog in the crate.   We are out the door by 11:00am

11:15-12:10pm- Miller's gym class! We LOVE this gym class- if you're thinking of doing one for your little one I highly suggest it. Miller loves the other kids and his teacher Miss Lindy. Miller is very social and loves the other babies.  The class has also helped tremendously with his sitting, crawling, and standing.  Plus I have learned so many tricks to help him with gross and fine motor skills.

12:30pm- We are home and Miller is asleep in his car seat.  I'm hoping to do a smooth transfer but he wakes up.  I take him up anyway and change his diaper and into pjs for his nap.  He's so exhausted from gym class that he goes right now and doesn't fight it.  (I would usually do lunch at this time for Miller but he's always so exhausted after gym class I just put him down for a nap and since he still doesn't get his main nutrition from food so I'm not worried if we miss a meal)  

12:45pm-1:30pm- Make myself lunch (a boring salad since we're on a diet), clean up kitchen, and fold/change/put away laundry.  

1:30-1:50pm- Play ball with Layla outside since it's sunny and she's antsy to play

1:50-2:15pm- Check email- personal and work and do some junior league gala work.

2:15pm- Miller is awake from his nap- change his diaper and back into play clothes and head downstairs for a bottle

2:30pm- Put Miller in the family room with toys so I can get a bottle made. At this feeding he gets a 6oz bottle.  While feeding Miller the contractors show up to finish up some work in our kitchen and half bath.

3:00pm-  Take Miller and Layla for a walk while to help calm Layla down who goes crazy anytime anyone comes over

3:40pm Change diaper and put Miller in his highchair with some puffs so I can pay a few bills real fast, send a few emails and eat a snack. The contractors finish up and are out by 4pm

4-5pm Play in the basement with Miller- the basement has been turned into a playroom so we keep most of his big toys down there

5pm- Come back upstairs for dinner for Miller- tonight he's having mozzarella, avocado, and mangos (he usually has fruit at lunch but since we missed it I added it to dinner) He also gets a sippy cup of water 

5:30pm- Miller finishes dinner- I put him in the family room with Disney Jr on, let the dog outside, get his dinner mess cleaned up real fast, and take some laundry upstairs 

5:45pm-Let dog back in and head upstairs to get M changed into pjs for the night.  I also take the time to put away Miller's laundry that I couldn't put away while he was napping

6:10pm Back downstairs so I can make Miller a bottle- pop in the family room with Disney Jr again.   He gets an 8oz bottle at bedtime

6:30pm Bottle is finished so we head back upstairs for bedtime routine.  Which consists of diaper change,  reading 2 stories, rocking, and then lights out. 

6:55pm Back downstairs to clean up the kitchen,  prep for our dinner, and more laundry.

7:07pm It has finally quieted down in Miller's room and he's asleep! Yay! I can finally relax for the day.

7:10pm- Pour myself a big glass of wine, check email, read blogs, internet browse etc. Kyle calls and says don't expect him until 8:30 or 9pm.   Wish I could say this was a late night but this is pretty standard.  If he's home at 7:30pm that's considered early.


7:30pm turn on jeopardy and start dinner. We are having turkey tacos tonight.   Realize I'm out of taco seasoning and whip up some homemade stuff from what I have in my spice rack.  A little nervous but hoping it works.

8:10pm eat dinner and I'm surprised to find out my homemade taco seasoning is delicious and probably something I will make all the time now

8:30pm- Clean up my dinner mess, put foil over the leftovers for Kyle.  Change and fold laundry then I relax in front of the tv

9-9:15pm Kyle is home from work so I join him at the table while he eats so we can chat about our day

9:15pm Clean up kitchen and wash bottles so I'm ready for tomorrow

9:50 Head upstairs for the night after I gather the rest of the laundry.  Put away laundry and get ready for bed. Kyle watches True Detective on his ipad while I read.  I'm currently reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. 

10:30pm Lights out for the night. Let's hope Miller sleeps better tonight so I can get some rest!

If you made it to the bottom you're a trooper and thank you!! It isn't the most exciting day ever when I'm home with Miller but it's my life right now and I'm honestly loving it!  



  1. Miller is such a doll. That gym class sounds like fun.

  2. How quickly I've forgotten what the days were like with an infant. Brought back memories. Miller is such a cutie pie!

  3. Well, your day seemed to fly by when reading it. Waking up that may times does not sound fun. I may have skipped the laundry and opted for a nap :)

  4. its amazing how quickly a day goes by with a little one. that gym class looks like so much fun! glass of wine at end of day = necessary.

  5. Phew! You're amazing! You did so much after a crappy night's sleep. Miller is so cute and this reminded me so much in what it's like having an infant. That was a well deserved glass of wine! :)

  6. I love your day in the life and that glass of wine is definitely much deserved! I'm impressed how much you accomplish! And Miller is so darn cute, I can't stand it!!

  7. Sounds like a typical day at our house! What kind of gym class do you guys go to? That looks like something my little guy would love.

  8. I read the whole thing! I love knowing how moms do it. Sounds like a very nice busy day!!

  9. I love these posts! It's so interesting to know how everyone balances their day. You have a long day - I really hope he gets through the teething and sleeps more for you! But it sounds like you have him on an awesome schedule! Being a SAHM is no joke. Every minute is accounted for. P.S. can't wait to see the kitchen reveal!!

  10. I love that you did this because it shows how busy moms are with little ones! That wine was well deserved. :)

  11. I read every stinkin' word and loved it all! Our schedules are so different, so this was really interesting for me to read. I need to do one of these posts!! And um, Miller is crawling and standing??? Go Miller, go!

  12. Wow what a day! I love these kind of posts! I don't have kids yet but love to hear what a normal day for a SAHM mom entails. I definitely have sympathy for SAHM. I think they get bad reps because you aren't actively going to a 9-5 job but staying home with a baby all day seems like hard work! I've already told my husband this I want to be a SAHM when I grow up but he just laughs at me!

  13. I love posts like this! I think it is so interesting to see how different people fill their days! That gym class looks almost as fun for Mommy as it does for your cute little boy!!

  14. Oh boy, I remember those days! No sleep for baby means no sleep for mommy!!! Hang in there - M will not teethe forever:-)


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