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Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

I have to admit that I actually don't like Thanksgiving food at all but I do love me some apple pie and pecan pie so I eat a little turkey and stuffing so I can reward myself afterwards.

Speaking of pecan pie I made my first homemade pecan pie last week and it turned out amazing and was so easy!  I used this recipe I found on Pinterest

cooking away in the oven
(my oven door is old so the picture looks awful)

If you saw my instagram then you saw that my mom, my sister, and I had a very successful outlet shopping trip on Saturday.  

If you a MD/DC/VA resident we go every year to the Leesburg, VA Premium Outlets the week before Thanksgiving and they had the best sales!!    

Here are an example of some sales that I took advantage of: 
50% off everything at Kate Spade
40 % off one Jcrew item, 50% off two items, and 60% off three or more items
25% off Vineyard Vines
40% off almost everything at Brooks Brothers
30% off everything at Ralph Lauren Kids 
60% off every at Carters
30% off Restoration Hardware

A week and a half ago Kyle and I went to Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore for his birthday dinner. This was our second time there and let me just say it did not disappoint!!  The menu is all local/homegrown within a certain milege range and it changes every single day.  

For all the locals wondering:  
We started the night off with some Gov't mules,  Caputo Bros Mozzarella and a Crab pot.   Gov't/Moscow Mules are my favorite cocktail because they are good but not too sweet.  The mozzarella and crab pot were both equally good.  The crab pot is best described as a lighter version of crab dip- not quite as heavy.  

I had the Cap May, NJ scallops with butternut squash and celery root.  They were amazing- I would say hands down some of the best scallops I've ever had.   
Kyle had the Chicken and Biscuits- which is actually the only menu item that is on their menu everyday and has been on since day one.  It was a lighter version of  what you think when you hear chicken and biscuits- basically not fry but the skin left on the chicken and baked and then the skin is crispy pan seared.   The biscuits were rosemary biscuits and they were so good and I'm not even a biscuit fan.  
We ended the night with the famous C.M.P. dessert which stands for fresh cream ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, wet peanut.  

My baby is getting so big... 

He's trying to sit up and always has a death grip on his bottle so when he gets to the end we just let him hold it himself.  Everyone says the time goes by so fast and they are so right.  I can't believe he's going to be 5 months old this week!  



  1. I have never been to the Leesburg outlets I def want to go, maybe on a weekday :)

  2. we're hitting up the outlets on black friday - hope they still have all those amazing deals going on!!

  3. I grew up in Leesburg and my parents still live there, so I hit up the outlets plenty. It's nice to be there during the week, because there is nobody there...love it! Certainly looks like you girls got some fabulous deals - love it! Congrats on your first pecan pie. That's impressive!

  4. Id like skip the Turkey and stuffing too and just eat pecan and apple pie too. The funny thing is I'm always the only person who even likes the pies! More for me! That CMP dessert looks amazing!

  5. Aww! So sweet! Such a big boy!! You guys did some serious damage! Nice job!!

  6. Need to get to those outlets ASAP!! Looks like you really cleaned up;)

  7. That meal sounds amazing and I love all the outlet shopping! I love a good sale! Miller is already five month?! It goes WAY too fast!

  8. That pie looks so good!! Your baby is adorable--and YES the time flies; my little girl will be one in jan!!!

  9. This post is killing me! All those goodies from Vineyard Vines and stores we DO NOT have around here. And the crab dip? Oh, how I miss fresh crab. And marshmallow fluff? Please stop posting this stuff or we can no longer be friends. :)

  10. That pie looks so good!
    Love reading your blog!


  11. I am totally jealous of your Vineyard Vines purchases! There isn't an outlet near me with them!

  12. I'm a new follower via That's What She Read. I always like finding bloggers semi close geographically speaking. I'm in central PA. And I love that you don't like thanksgiving food! I always feel like the odd man out. Not a fan.

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