Five on Friday

TGIF!!  Here are my five things this week...

1. Date Night-  Today is Kyle's birthday and we are going on our first date night ever since we've had Miller!!  We've been out about 4 times without him but this will be the first time just the two of us at a restaurant without a baby.  We might be able to actually have a non-baby conversation, and enjoy our food and cocktails. 

2. Coffeemate Thin Mints Creamer-  Yes I drink the disgusting fake coffee creamer but the flavors are sooo yummy and it keeps me from hitting up DD or the Bucks every day of the week. 

3. January 6, 2014-  The day our kitchen renovation officially begins!! To say I'm excited is an understatement.  We signed the contract this week and dropped off a boat load of money for a deposit so it's really happening!  Our next step is to pick out appliances and then floors.  So I will be spending my weekend Pinteresting hardwood floors and googling/consumer reviewing the crap out of appliances. 

4. Pecan Pie-  Can I tell you all that I've never had pecan pie until about 2 weeks ago?   Kyle loves pecan pie and had been raving about it for years and I for some reason just assumed I would hate it.  Well he finally convinced me to try it and now I'm obsessed.  It's just basically pecans soaking in a sugar butter mixture and it's pure heaven. 
I'm going to attempt to make one this weekend to see if I'm any good and then I will make one for Thanksgiving at my in laws.   It's looks really easy so fingers crossed it turns out. 

5. Family Christmas Pajamas-  Yup. I'm going to be one of those people.   I got the Hanna Andersson catalog and decided that we had to have matching striped family pajamas for Christmas.  Including the dog. 

See how happy this family looks in their matching pjs!
You can get your own family set here.  They are expensive but I've heard they will last forever.  I have some HA sleepers for Miller and they are so soft and awesome quality. 



  1. We have a tradition that everyone opens their Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve so that we're all wearing them on Christmas morning!!! Love those HA ones!

  2. Have so much fun tonight and good luck talking about things besides sweet Miller! I also figured I'd hate pecan pie but my husband convinced me to try it a few years ago and I agree that it's amazing (and super easy to make!). You can also try doing just candied pecans - yum, yum! LOVE the family matching pajamas - only wish Trey would agree like Kyle! I definitely feel that HA makes the best pajamas for kids out there, and very durable!

  3. We do the Christmas box every year, Typically it includes pj's, a movie, some hot cocoa and a new mug. (my little guy LOVES mugs for some reason?) He always gets so excited and I have fun shopping for what to put in the box! I need to check out those jammies! YAY for date night and your kitchen renovation. I'm sure it will turn out FABULOUS! Our next big project is the basement. Wish us luck!

  4. This is why we are blog friends... I only like that creamer, live for matching pj's and have never had pecan pie :) I have to try it now! Good luck with the reno! That was our first big house project 1.5 years ago and I am SO glad we did it! We spend more time there than any other room and it always makes me happy that it is done! Have SO much on your date night!

  5. Please share your appliance choices! Chris and I complexly suck at appliance buying! We have the WORST luck!!

  6. family christmas pajamas are sooo fun. and i'm totally drinking fakey creamer right now too. the big 32 oz were on sale 2/$5 this week and my rationale was.weelllll, getting through this will be cheaper than starbucks. yep. great minds think alike! ;)

    happy friday! xx

  7. I'm so jealous of your kitchen make-over. I want a new kitchen too! Actually, I want the exact kitchen you're designing with the white cabinets and gray backsplash.

    Also, Hannah Anderson jammies are the bomb. Mac loves his. Remember all those goofy Christmas photos we took of all the kids in their HA jammies last year? They're awesome.

  8. Pecan pie is my favorite ... I'll take it over pumpkin pie all day long. So glad you finally got to try it!

    I used to wear Hanna Andersson as a kid -- that is how long they have been around!

  9. love the xmas jammies - i'm definitely doing this as a tradition once our little one arrives. so cute :)

  10. I love the matching pj's! I'll also be doing that when I have kids. I might even do it now for my husband, myself, and the dog! Pecan pie is so good! I'm usually the only one who eats it too! They don't know what they're missing! Hope you have a great date night!

  11. The pJs are hysterical. Does Kyle know about this plan? Have a great date night!

  12. I hope this kitchen renovation helps you like cooking.. j/k j/k! I'll cook in there for you!

  13. i love the jamis idea! that will be so cute! Hope you take pics! Have fun on date night! We haven't done that yet either


  14. We had some HA sleepers too before Weeks grew/flew out of them. Loved them and def want a pair for Christmas! My Mom had been teasing us about getting us all matching sets...not sure if that is happening or not!

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