Monday Musings

Happy Monday y'all! Did you have a good weekend?

I got a much needed pedicure with Essie In Stitches. I think it's the perfect mauve-y pink for this time of year when I'm transitioning from bright colors but not ready to go too dark.

Did you all check out the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target?  I have to be honest I was sort of underwhelmed. I don't know why but I feel like I get so hyped up (like everyone else) over these Target
collaborations and then I end up being disappointed.

This is the bag I was hoping to like:

In the taupe color it just looked too cheap, I think black would have been better.  I will say the smaller handbags they offered looked better but I didn't love any of them either.
The clothes my store had we're ok but again underwhelmed and just didn't seem like good quality for the prices.
It could just be my age but I'm starting prefer saving my money and investing in nice classic pieces that will last rather than jumping on every trend.  Anyone else feel like that?   Am I just getting old?

I took my first postpartum run this weekend! Yay!!  I only went 1 mile and it took me 12 minutes BUT I didn't die and so far it doesn't seem like I've torn any major muscles.  So I consider it a success.

I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte this weekend too (did you know you could get it decaf?) it feels like fall here and It's pretty freaking amazing. It was 95 and humid all last week and then we got these crazy Thunderstorms and they brought in a cold front and its  been gorgeous ever since.  Fingers crossed it stays this way!

Have a great day!


  1. A 12 minute mile for your first run in a long time is pretty impressive! I think PSL's and mani pedis need to be mommy alone time regulars :)

  2. I stopped by Target to check out the collection too and agree - not a fan. I thought the clothes were pretty scary. They only had two bags at my store and both were nice but I'm with you on quality pieces. Especially on something that's used as often as a handbag.

    I'm so jealous of your fall weather! I would love a cool fall day but that's not happening any time soon here. I'm thankful it's still pool weather though so I'm trying not to complain. :)

  3. I was in Target yesterday and swept through. Honestly, I haven't liked any of their collaborations. Everything always looks so poorly made. I have bought a few things in the past and then never wore them. So, I stay away now. They actually had a Merona bag that I thought was really cute, but just didn't think I would use it.

    And 1 mile is a great place to start!!!

  4. I never buy the Target bags. I'd rather spend $30 at Marshalls for a better quality bag...and one not everyone and their mother has.

    I did Essie Merino Cool this weekend. I love transitioning to more muted colors!

  5. pretty polish! I am wishing for breezier temps here!

  6. I've never gotten worked up over the designer collaborations with Target, probably because I'm not big into designer names, I just like cute stuff, I don't care who designed it. My husband is more into designer brands than I am which is the only reason I have a Michael Kors purse and Coach sunglasses because he bought them for me and insisted I had them. I was fine with my Target brand sunglasses :)

  7. I totally agree with you about that collection. I thought it looked really cheap and the clothes seemed a little over price for the quality.


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