Baby Mills: One Month!

 1 month as of 7.27.13! 
Weight:  10lbs 8 oz (55th percentile)
Length: 22.5 inches- (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 38 centimeters- (50th percentile)
We have his one month appt today so I should find out all these stats later today.  

Clothes:  0-3 month clothes and some 3-6 month depending on the brand.  He's not really filling them out but he is so long that his legs were getting squished in newborn clothes.

Health: Nothing major here.  He has been getting the hiccups very frequently.  At first they didn't bother him but the past few days we've noticed that he gets frustrated when he gets them.  We've been using gripe water and that usually resolves them but I'm still going to talk to the doctor about them. 

Diet: Still 100% Breastmilk and going well for us

Sleep:  We've been getting some great 3 hour stretches at night which is a nice change from the 2 hour stretches I was getting.  He usually sleeps from 7-10:30ish, then 12-3 and then 3:30-4ish until 7am.    I think the trick has been giving him 3oz of breastmilk in a bottle at the 10:30-11 feeding 

Baby Gear Love:   Still loving the FP cradle n swing, FP Rock n Play sleeper, Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, FB rainforest activity mat,  Swaddle me swaddlers, Baby Jogger City Mini, Diaper genie

Likes:  Eating, sleeping on mommy or daddy, his swing, baths, going on walks, watching the mobile in his crib and pack n play 

Dislikes: pacifiers, the car seat if it isn't moving, and tummy time 

Crying: He only cries when he's hungry 

Milestones: Lots of firsts this month!  Walk in the stroller, Bath, Lunch outing, Dinner outing, Dipping toes in the pool

Social/Visitors: The visitors have definitley slowed down but we have been getting out and doing so many things.  I've taken Miller to lunch by myself, out running errands by myself, Kyle and I took him out to dinner twice.  He's also gotten to spend time with his grandparents and great grandmother.  He travels well so far and having a bottle on hand makes everything much easier for me!

 Postpartum: I can say that I am fully recovered and finally feel like myself again! I have about 10lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but it doesn't seem like anything is in the same place anymore.   I have been walking and trying to do at least a mile a day with the baby and dog.  I will say pushing a stroller while trying to wrangle a crazy puppy is pretty exhausting.   I go to the doctor next week and I'm hoping to get the clear to start exercising so I can start to tone up


  1. So cute! I love your comment about things not being in the same place anymore :) I think it's especially so after having a C-section! Hang in there, I'm sure you look fantastic!

  2. I can't believe he is a month already! (BTW I just accidentally wrote a year old. Ha)

  3. He is SUCH a cutie!


  4. What a sweet little man! I understand exactly what you mean about things not being in the same place anymore. I've lost all of my baby weight, but nothing fits anymore! Hooray on making it through the first month :)

  5. Nat, he is so crazy cute! He is also ridiculously well dressed and I love it! I'm glad he is sleeping well and you are feeling more like yourself! It takes a bit, but the baby and dog walk can be mastered (although my dog would end up riding in the under stroller basket half the time.) Keep the pics coming!

  6. He is so darn cute! Love his sweet outfits. Glad you're both doing well!

  7. ok he is just the cutest thing ever!!!! so sweet. and whaaaat you only have 10 pounds to go!? How A-List celeb of you bouncing back so fast!!! get it gurl.


  8. What?! Where has the time gone. He is sooo precious! Love the little outfits you have him in, too! :)

  9. Has it already been a month? Crazy time! He is adorable!

  10. Precious pictures! Makes me miss those baby days:)

  11. He is beautiful!! Being a mom is wonderful isn't it?!

  12. stop it. he is SO stinking cute. and way to go momma!!

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