Five on Friday

I'm back this week with five things I'm loving right now. 

1. Annabel Ingall Isabella Tote

While I was begrudingly waiting in the Apple store for them to tell me the fate of my iphone two weeks ago this girl walked in with the most gorgeous leather bag I had ever seen.  I immediately made a beeline for her and asked her where she bought it.  She proceeded to tell me she got it from a small boutique in FL., which made me want  to cry because that's always my luck.  As I started to thank her and walk away she said wait the designers name is on the inside and thats when she showed me Annabel Ingall tag. I thanked her profusely and once I received my new phone I immediately googled it and have fallen even more in love with the bag and the designer.
How gorgeous would this be for a summer tote? 

2. Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Bites

We planted fresh basil in our herb garden this year so I had to pin this recipe the minute I saw it.  Is there anything better than fresh mozzarella and basil?! Our basil is currently out of control so I'm hoping to make these and maybe some pesto to freeze to keep me busy while I wait for baby boy

3. Liz Lange for Target Maternity Long and Lean Tank

These are seriously the best tank tops ever.  I know I have written about them before on here but now that my belly is gigantic and it's summer time I have been living in these.   They are so comfortable and the size small still fits over my huge stomach.   I have a long torso so lately it's been hard to find tops that will cover my belly but this fit the bill and to top it off they are only $12.99 a piece!  I know I will continue to wear these even after I have the baby since I love them that much.

4. Dunkin Donuts Decaf Iced Coffee

In the summer I love nothing more than treating myself to a big iced coffee.  Since I'm supposed to be avoiding caffeine I have been getting my fix by drinking decaf or half caff iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts. I get mine with cream and 1 splenda.  How do you order your DD coffee?

5. Tart Collections Maxi Dresses

If you have never owned a Tart Collections maxi dress then you are missing out.  They are the BEST maxi dresses ever.  Hands down.  Not only are the styles flattering, fun, or sexy but they are also made out of the softest cotton ever.  I could seriously sleep in the two that I own.   Even though they can be pricey they show up on Rue La La, Gilt, and Ideeli often so that is where I pick mine up.  I just bought the above "Tiffany" dress from Rue La La for $90.00 to wear this summer post baby in a fun purple color. 



  1. I need to check out tart. Now I am dying for a DD iced coffee!

  2. obsessed with that tote!!! too bad that fab color is sold out, i'll have to keep stalking :)

    a peek of chic

  3. I love that maxi! All of AI's bags are gorge! How do you get your basil to take off? Mine is looking pretty sad right now. :( Those mozzarella /basil bites look amazing!

  4. I still rock the liz lange tanks. They are the perfect length!! I have a long torso.
    That bag is a stunner.

  5. Oooh - that bag is dreamy!
    I like my DD iced coffee (hazelnut flavor, btw) with 1-2 splendas and 2 creams. Yummy!

  6. I have that bag and I LOVE it! I can fit so much baby stuff in it and it looks so fab still! Get it - worth it! I got mine from Tuckernuck!

  7. I've been ordering a small DD iced caramel latte with half caffeine and it is heavenly!


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