Catching Up

- I'm still pregnant- 38 weeks now and now time is moving s-l-o-w-l-y

-I'm on my 2nd new Iphone.  Let's just say I have truly learned my lesson regarding backing up my phone!!! Not only did I lose so much stuff from my first phone, I then lost all the pictures from my work baby shower last week on my 2nd phone in addition to all the other pictures and apps that I had just added to the new phone.   Thankfully this new one was free because Apple sold me a faulty piece last week.  Let's just say I'm about 2 seconds from getting a Droid.   I am also waiting at least 1 week before I start re-adding apps, pics or music to this new phone.

-I have been so busy with work these past few weeks. I really can't complain at all because it's so nice but being 38 weeks in 80 degree weather driving all around MD showing property is exhausting.  Plus real esate is always on. There are no weekends, no holidays, no set hours.  It can be very difficult to turn it off.  Being the control freak that I am I am having a very hard time realizing that I will be leaving my clients for awhile and having to turn it all off and give my work to someone else.  I'm very nervous.   

-To top all of this off our basement flooded last Friday.  Oh it was amazing.  We knew we had some small water spots so my Dad came over to help Kyle pull up some carpet and investiage.  When we got home Friday night after work to check it out the whole basement was flooded.   Let's just say about $1000 later from Home Depot we have dried out the basement ourselves. We've also ripped up a ton of carpet and had to do a bunch of furniture moving.  Not exactly something either of us was looking forward to but thankfully nothing major got ruined.   The only upside is that my husband is now excited to take on a tile DIY project in the basement.  Fingers crossed he follows through. 

-Does anyone else's puppy wake up at 5:30am?  I've decided that Layla is giving us practice for the baby but since I sleep horribly at night I could really use at least one more hour if possible before I lose sleep forever.

-I finally packed my hospital bag.  I hope I've packed everything I need. I like to think that labor isn't going to happen so quickly that I will have time to edit if needed.

-I am also convinced I am going late so I keep trying to tell myself that I might be pregnant for 3 more weeks or so and not to get my hopes up.

-Have you all seen Princesses Long Island on Bravo?? OMG it's amazing.  It reminds me of college. University of MD gets a ton of people from NJ and Long Island so it's like re-living some of my college memories again which is why it might be soo amazing to me. Every sterotype they portray is pretty true. 

-My office threw me a surprise baby shower last week.  I was so shocked! It was so nice and Baby Boy got so much more stuff!! I seriously am not going to need new clothes for this kid for the first year. 

-Is it Friday yet? 



  1. Shew! Sounds like you've been busy Momma to be! I can't imagine showing property 38 weeks pregnant, lol. Good thing you finally packed you're hospital bag. Although I didn't THINK labor would happen fast for me, it did. It's always nice to leave out a decent outfit at night that you can throw on in case you have contractions in the middle of the night. I hated searching for my maternity yoga pants while going through my contractions. I also forgot to grab my robe and had hubby run home the next day for it. It will be any day now:) Can't wait to meet your little one!

  2. i keep thinking about you and wondering if you have popped yet :)
    our basement flooded a couple years ago, thank goodness we had a home warranty that took care of all the costs to clean it up and replace the carpet (albeit our deductible). i know exactly how frustrating it can be. at least it happened before the baby arrives! hang in there!!

    a peek of chic

  3. Jeez louise! You have had a lot going on! That is frustrating about the basement. I understand. I love the idea of a surprise shower. So fun!
    Soon some of that stress will melt away when that little man arrives. Then everything just sort of mellows. I think it is the hormones. :)

  4. SERIOUSLY is it Friday yet? Ugh. And my pup wakes up with the sunrise - be it 7, 730 in the winter or 6, 630 in the summer. Drives me crazy. Seriously contemplated blackout shades solely for this purpose!

  5. The last couple weeks of pregnancy are the worst, hopefully it will go fast for you. I finally got induced 4 days past due because I couldn't take it anymore.

    I made Kristian watch the Princesses of Long Island with me yesterday and he said they are the most awful women he's ever seen, and that's including all the Real Housewives. haha. Those girls drive me nuts.

  6. you went to college with people like the girls on Princesses?? You poor thing. Pregnancy is a breeze compared to dealing with people like that I'm sure!! such an unreal amazing show by bravo once again!! so sorry to hear about the basement :( you are so close! almost with a baby :) hang in there


  7. There are so many LI girls at MD...hilarious. My friends were just telling me about that show the other day. I am afraid to watch.

    You are in the home stretch!

  8. I hope the basement is okay.. that has to be so frustrating. Can't wait to hear when the little one comes!


  9. That stinks about the basement but glad to hear you fixed it without ruining anything! My pup is up at 5:00. Part of that is because my husband started waking him up at that time so he could eat before he left for work but it's no fun on the weekends. I'm hoping this summer I can retrain him to sleep in a bit since I'm working part time, but I have no idea how that's going to work! I feel your pain!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your basement! Future play room? I love Princesses of Long Island it's like college all over again!

  11. Oh that's awful about the basement! But yay for surprise baby showers!


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