Baby Shower Recap

Happy Monday!

I had such an amazing baby shower this weekend! I cannot even begin to thank my family and friends for their generosity. Baby Boy H and I were completely spoiled! Not only was my baby registry pretty much taken care of but I received so many more wonderful surprises. 

I am a huge breakfast food fan so my shower was a brunch.  They made sure to have my favorite Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and Carlson's glazed donuts - needless to say Baby Boy and I have been on a sugar high all weekend. 
My sister, mom, and grandma did an amazing job pulling all the details together for Baby Boy H.  My mom kept commenting about how this was her first "blue" party so it was fun to use a different color than pink :) 

I am waiting to get more pictures from my sister but here is a snippet of the day.

 The balloon over my chair- I love giraffes!

Party Favors

Some of the gifts 

 Starting the gift opening process

My sister in laws and my mother in law

Here is a peek of my gifts: 

I will be back tomorrow to show off some of my favorite gifts and hopefully I will have more pictures from my sister later this week! 



  1. You made out with all of those gifts! Love your dress...

  2. Love the dress!!! ASOS? Looks like you got some amazing and necessary gifts - hooray for that! So exciting!!!

  3. Adorable! Looks like you racked up!! I heard that stroller is the jam!

  4. Lucky momma and baby!!! I LOVE your dress!


  5. So fun! We have that stroller and LOVE it! (same color and all - we have good taste ;) ) I love the dress you chose! You look fab!!

  6. Looks like a great time and I love all the little details! You look adorable!

  7. You look beautiful! Your dress is perfect. What an amazing shower! Mine is next weekend and I'm so excited :o)

  8. So pretty in your dress!! Hope you are having fun getting all those presents set up and ready for your little mans arrival :)

  9. looks like you have great friends/family! Happy baby shower! You are looking adorable!!


  10. You look adorable! Great shower and great gifts! We have a similar stroller and love it! I can't believe how close you're getting!

  11. You look absolutely adorable! Looks like such a cute shower. xx

  12. catching up on everything on your blog! how adorable was your shower!! you look beautiful in that dress - such a cute bump



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