Baby Registry: Part 1

When I was first pregnant I found the idea of registering exciting and could only imagine it being like registering for my wedding.

When the reality set in that I was registering for items that might be key to another human's survival and not just stuff that would look pretty in my china cabinet, it got real. 
I then found registering to be overwhelming. Very overwhelming. So I decided to just take it slow start researching so that I was fully prepared when I finally pulled the trigger, which was just last week. 

I started my research first by asking my friends, family, and fellow bloggers what were some of there life saving/go to baby products.  I then started my own online research and visiting the big box baby stores. 

Here are some of the big items that I have on our registry:

One of the main reasons I was drawn to this car seat is because of the basic colors it comes in.  One of the hardest parts about baby items for me has been all the colors and patterns- I'm a neutral girl- so I was looking for something that offered simple colors and had high safety ratings.  It also had to be reasonably light to carry and not break the bank.   I narrowed my search down to this and the Graco Snugride 35 and after researching both of these options and seeing them in person at the store I knew the Chicco KeyFit 30 would be it. 

I have heard amazing things about the Baby Jogger brand of strollers and was initially set on the City Select model since it can eventually be used for two kids.  After looking at both of the options in store I decided that the City Select might be too much for us right now, while it is a very functional stroller it's much heavier and pricier than the City Versa and I don't need the two child option right now.    The number one thing that got me about this one is that the seat can be turned so that the baby can be facing mom when you walk which I love.  It also has a bassinet option when the baby is still small and can't sit up which we are considering.  If we don't get the bassinet there is a car seat adapter which we can use to attach our car seat to the stroller until the baby is big enough to sit up on their own.    (I also researched the City Mini and City Mini GT and to be honest we have not ruled those out just yet but so far this one is the clear winner)

I feel like I'm on repeat here but I have heard amazing things about the ERGObaby Baby carrier.  This carrier gives you the 3-1 option meaning you can carry the baby  1. On the front or tummy to tummy, as they call it, 2. On your back (once they are stronger and can hold up their head), 3. In the hip position.  The carrier also supports the baby's hips and spine which was the main thing that really drew me to it, as I've heard horrible stories about other carriers giving babies hip dysplasia.   

Quite a few of my friends suggested that when I register for a Pack N Play to make sure that it has the changer option on it, which I did.  They said you don't want to have to go up and down the stairs to change the baby plus since Kyle and I are tall getting up and down off the floor to change the baby sounded miserable.  Especially in the beginning while I'm recovering.  I opted to get the newborn napper option also.  Since we plan to keep the Pack N Play in our family room I thought the napper might be a good idea for naps in the beginning- will it work, I don't know yet but I figure we will give it a try

Does anyone have any advice or can you think of anything I'm missing from these items? 
To not drown you in baby items I will be breaking this down into a few parts so stay tuned for more next week.   



  1. Great options. We loved that carseat. Ss loved to snooze in it. It is nice to have multiple changing stations! We did that too.

    I like that stroller!! Looks cool!

  2. They didn't have a versa when we got our City Select - it sounds like a great option! I love our City Select but we may never use the two seat option and it is a little heavy to lug out of the car.

  3. SO glad that you registered for the pack and play! We've had the same one for our last two boys and it was THE BEST! They both slept in the napper part so well, it was actually their 'bassinet'. It's definitely worth getting, you'll use it a ton! My 9 month old still sleeps in it...in our room. Shhh, don't tell anyone! ;)

    The only thing that has been an issue for us is that our boys are so heavy they kind of make the changing portion sag. Once they got to about 5 months old we couldn't use it anymore because I was afraid they would break it. However, we have off the chart HUGE boys so it may not be an issue for you. Plus once baby is older you'll be changing him on the floor anyway. :)

  4. We have a similar PnP just different colors, and still use it in our living room. Our kid is 27 pounds but can still be held on the changing table option. He slept well in the napper part as a newborn and now we put him in there if we need him to stay put for a few minutes aka baby jail. haha

  5. Great items! We use the Key Fit as one of our car seats too! We have the same pack and play and it was awesome! We kept it downstairs as our changing/sleeping station and now it is at my parents' house for when we are there. Now that Greyson is bigger we moved the changing items to the floor and change him there. That thing lasts forever! The Ergo Baby is also AMAZING. Beats the Baby Bjorn, especially with little boys who seem to be heavier faster! I'm a baby product/registry junkie (is that a thing?) so I can go on all day! I would recommend a Baby Bjorn Babysitter (it was a life saver for us) and a Boppy pillow as other must haves!

  6. my hubby is really into researching baby stuff which is awesome! I've been doing my part researching with friends and blog to see what real people like, this is very helpful! I think we might have picked out the same pack-n-play :)

    {love jenny xoxo}


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