5 Truths, 11 Questions and a Thank You!

**Thank You to everyone who played along on my get to know you post! It's so fun to see people reading my blog locally and all over the US and I love to find out more about people and what you do.  It's crazy how the internet has made this world so small** 
I think I'm going to keep doing that every couple of months to get the know everyone and discover new blogs!

I have been tagged recently by a few bloggers so I owe them a post.

The wonderful Natalia over at All the Things, Etc tagged me to share 5 things about myself that you all may not know.   If you don't read her blog you need to go do it now- she's always sharing gorgeous photos and has great style!

Truth One:
I have an obsession with Candy, like a little kid.  I LOVE candy so much. I'm pretty sure I was more excited over Wegman's bulk candy aisle than I was about the prepared food.  Here is the thing though it has to be sugar candy, meaning not chocolate, that I can eat like a snack. Here are my favorites in order: Jelly Belly Sours, Hot Tamales, Skittles, Starburst Jelly Beans, and Haribo Gummy Bears
If I eat chocolate candy then I eat Reese's Minis or Reese's eggs- that is the only chocolate candy I like

Truth Two: 
I LOVE Donuts. Specifically Glazed or Blueberry.   Prior to being pregnant I probably treated myself to a donut every few months- lately I will admit that it's probably been monthly if not more.   I prefer my donuts to come from Carlson's in Annapolis but if I can't have that then they have to be from Dunkin Donuts or Safeway.  I'm very specific where I will eat a donut from. I'm not a huge Krispy Kreme fan but will eat them if I have to. 

Truth Three:
I consistantly run late.  I try to only be 10-15 minutes late but it usually ends up being 30 minutes. If you want me to be on time tell me it starts 30 mintues before it does.  I know this is an awful trait to have and it's so rude to the people I'm meeting but I just can't help it.  I have no idea how or why it started and I try so hard to break it but it's tough.  My husband also runs late so we are horrible to make plans with.  (I will say with work especially clients I am usually on time)

Truth Four: 
I like bananas alone and I like banana bread.  I think the banana flavor is delicious but I cannot stand when people put bananas on top of food and I cannot watch people eating bananas on food. If the banana isn't fully mixed in I cannot eat it.  When I was little my dad would put bananas on his cereal and I would have to get up and eat my breakfast somewhere else or I would have to put a cereal box in front of his bowl so I couldn't see him eating.  Just watching it would make me feel nauseous.  To this day nothing has changed and my husband pretty much hates me because he is never allowed to get a banana dessert if I'm at the table.    I realize I am a freak. 

Truth Five:
I curse like a sailor. I'm really bad with dropping F-bombs, I don't even realize I'm doing it. It's probably my favorite expletive to use.  I'm not even sure how often they fall into my vocab but I know it's a lot.  I will admit that I have been much better over the past few months but I'm still bad.  

Then Melissa from Raising Twingles tagged me to share 11 random facts and answer 11 questions- since I just shared 5 truths I'm going to just answer the 11 questions.   If you don't read Melissa's blog you must check it out- she has a daughter and then twin boys and her life is never dull with those 3!! She's seriously hysterical. 

So here we go....

1. What is your favorite period in history and why? Hmmm I would have to say the 60s, I would have loved to be a hippie. I don't know why I'm just so intrigued by that decade  

2. What are your favorite decor magazines?  House Beautiful! 

3. Favorite dessert? Apple tart/pie with vanilla ice cream

4. Do you like to cook? And if so, what is your favorite dish? No I hate it but I do it because I have to. I think my favorite thing to cook is turkey tacos

5. What is your least favorite part about your house?  The fact that it still isn't unpacked and we need lots of furniture!

6. Do you like outdoor decorating or gardening at all? Now that I have a yard I really want to get into gardening but I have no idea where to start! Anyone have advice??

7. What is your favorite color to decorate with? Greige- beige and gray- I have a serious problem with neutrals

8.  Do you have any pets? Yes one crazy mini goldendoodle- Layla

9. What is one thing you wish people knew about you? That I'm a lot more fun than I look and I love to have a good time.  Sometimes people see as a Momma Bear type and while I can be like that sometimes I'm usually not at all. 

10. Do you like to go out or stay in on a Friday night?  I love going out for happy hour or for dinner but now that I'm pregnant they aren't quite as wild as they used to be but I try to get out as much as I can 

11. What is your favorite post on your blog and why?  Wow I don't even know!  Maybe my post about my wedding... I've never really thought about it

This was a long one... if you made it to the end then congratulations and thank you!


  1. LMBO! I'm glad I'm not the only one that curses. My husband is always getting on me about it.. lol and I have a candy obsession too! Skittles are my fav. especially now being preggo!

  2. My husband curses like a sailor too...haha...sometimes I do..depends on the mood.

    Good lord...Candy..seriously, I haven't had it in a year. Crazy, I know, but I was eating a bag of starburst jelly beans in a day..and reese's cups..don't get me going. After dropping 100lbs, I definitely have a different eating lifestyle.

    Carlsons...my husbands favorite...would argue it's the best place in Annapolis for doughnuts!

  3. enjoyed reading more about you :)

  4. great post, i feel like I know you better already! I'm right there with you on 1-3, but I like just about every type of chocolate too! Seems like I've been craving sweet & sour candy (like sour gummy worms) since I've been preggers :) I wanna see your mini goldendoodle! How big is she? Those dogs are so cute!

    {love jenny xoxo}


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