The Bachelor:It's Baaaaack!

There is nothing I love more about The Bachelor than the drunk, crazy, desperate women that show up to "fall in love" with one man.  

Ahhh it reminds me that I am not that cray cray and am actually someone normal and down to earth. 

Sean is actually pretty hot so I am excited to watch this season.  I honestly didn't see any girls that were blow me away gorgeous.  They were pretty and skinny but I didn't think any of them were drop dead gorgeous.  Kyle was quite disappointed too as he agrees to watch the show so he can drool over the hot girls and make fun of their crazy. 

I think my favorite of the night was Ashley P. with the 50 Shades of Gray tie and falling down drunk.  I was really sad she was sent home because I think should would have been awesome to see this season.  My favorite line from her was why she had no idea why she was single... hahaha after only 15 mins of seeing her on TV I could have told her why she's single. 

My next favorite was Lindsay in the wedding dress. It was so awkward and she kept saying it was a joke.  Later in the night she got so drunk and then tried to get Sean to just make out with her right then and there.  Which was awesome.  I was shocked she got a rose. I'm not sure if she got a rose because she was so bold or because ABC made him keep her for drama. 

The twist of the evening was that Sean was just giving out roses like candy while he was chatting with the ladies and not at the rose ceremony.  I honestly enjoyed this twist and think that it helped to add to the drama and cattiness right away. 

Tierra, AshLee, Desiree, Robyn, Selma, Brooke, Catherine, Katie, Jackie, Leslie H., Sarah, and Diana all got roses before the actual ceremony.    What is up with Tierra's name?! It's like Sierra with a T. 
Then Amanda, Lesley M, Kacie, Kristy, Daniella, Taryn, and Linsday got roses during the ceremony.  I'm not sure I have a favorite yet.  

Here are some more thoughts:
-Paige needs to find a new reality tv franchise to invade- clearly her time in the Bachlor family is over
-I'm interested to see how Kacie is this season- we all knew she would definitely get a rose
-I like one armed Sarah but I have a feeling that we are going to hear about the one arm and her struggles with it for the the whole season
- Tierra looks like she's going to be a lot more drama than we thought
-The recap with Arie is ridiculous- guys don't sit around just talking about their feelings
- I'm excited for the scene where Desiree's "boyfriend" shows up.  I wonder if the producers try to pick one girl a season with boyfriend or drama from home

 So what did you think?  Do you have a favorite yet?  Do you think this season will be good? 



  1. Ah, I missed the premiere due to the BCS game. I'm definitely watching this season -- I went to college with one of the girls! We were more acquaintances than friends, but I'm still dying to watch someone I know!

  2. so i chose to watch the irish get killed last night - tonight is all about CRAZY catch up on the bach!!! can't wait.

    goodies&besties is up for top 25 circle of mom beauty and fashion blogs, if you have a second, would love your vote! xo


  3. ahhhhh love it love love it. first of all, i thought i had heard all of the stripper names before, but Tierra? WHAT? the scene with the boyfriend will be great - even if producers do pick someone purposely with a gf. the best part is it looks like her boyfriend is 1/4 the size of sean and he's like "Get away dude!". I'm pretty sure he could knock you out in one punch skinny boy. why did wedding dress girl get a rose? how mortifying... again... for paige. youch. and kacie, I just think it's weird she is back - unless she is the final person she's going to look like a fool. YAY loved your recap!


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