They're having a Royal Baby!

I don't know about you all but this news makes me so excited!!  Being that I was born in the same year as Prince William I have always been fascinated with the royal family and became even more obsessed after Wills and Kate became engaged.   

This is the day that media and tabloids (and let's be honest, most of us) have been eagering waiting to hear for the past 20 months.   

I only hope that Kate starts to feel better because I have heard that HG is absolutely awful.  

So let's start speculating.... boy, girl, due date, baby names?!?!   Most importantly I can't wait to see her pregnancy wardrobe- because you know it's going to fabulous!


  1. I cant' wait to see what she wears either! My first thought is I hope it's a girl!


  2. I think it will be a boy! The palace would only say she's less than 12 weeks so I'm guessing it will be around June

  3. I'm SO HAPPY for them! I only wish to have seen Diana as a grandmother. She would have been amazing! Thanks for posting the great news! :)



  4. i am most excited to see her pregnancy fashion too!!!

    a peek of chic

  5. Can't wait until the gorgeous little prince/princess is born!

  6. so, so exciting! I'm hoping it's a girl!

  7. Everyone thinks twins!! So exciting...can't wait to follow along {along with the rest of the world!!}.

  8. I am thrilled for the Duke and Duchess. I do hope Kate's HG does not last very long though, poor thing! It's been quite a year for the Royal Family, and it looks like next year will be even more exciting!

  9. It's soooo exciting - like you I can't wait to see the wardrobe!!

  10. I know so exciting! I'm due with my second baby next July...so I'm wondering if my baby will be born on the same day as a future king or queen! :)

  11. I'm sooo excited. It's going to be adorable and fashionable.

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