Revenge Season 2: Episode 2

Looks like the Bitch is Back! 

Warning: Spoilers below! 

You all I don't even know where to start.  OMG! WTF! Where on earth is this season going?!

So let's review:
 - I felt like I had no idea what Emily's game plan was for this episode- I'm thinking that she planned to spring Charlotte and work back into the Grayson's that way but Victoria totally ruined that
- Daniel clearly still has feelings for Emily after that phone call- I can't believe how in the dark he was during this whole episode
- Ashley is definitely working on the inside with Conrad - I'm interested to see just how deep their relationship is and what is going to happen now that the Bitch is back
- I liked Daniel's outburst in Grayson Global- I'm interested to see where his allegiance is this season
- Did I recognize someone in that board room that works with Takeda??
- Are we ever going to find out what Takeda's role is?
- What is Declan doing?? I feel like they are just trying to give him a story line.  Put him back together with Charlotte then he'll be part of the show (Does anyone else have a hard time not seeing him as Eric from Gossip Girl?!)
 - Victoria and Conrad turned on the White haired man and conspired to fake her kidnapping and beating and planned to pin it on him?!?!  Wow.  I mean this is not the way I saw her return going but the minture she found out that Conrad had taken Charlotte's inheritance she knew she had to get back to society and her money.  She loves her money and scheming with or against Conrad even more.

- Jack is mopey and annoying about the baby.  I still hate his character and I want to cut his hair. 
- So the baby really is Jack's but Emily told Amanda that the baby isn't  Jack's.  I I'm not sure what the intentions are- I guess she can always hold it over her head and maybe use it to make her disappear again?
- We got to see a glimpse of NolCorp which I enjoyed- I will say I was annoyed that Nolan wasn't keeping watch on the clam cam but it's good to see him having some of his own life outside of Emily and her crazy Revengda
- The WHM came to tell Emily her mother was alive and then kill her- I want to know why he didn't kill her mother and what his deal is with this- does he still talk to her? Is she really crazy?
-Aiden saved the day- but is the WHM alive or dead? What exactly is this guys role? Is he a future love interest for Emily?

 How is Emily going to handle the bitch being back?  How will Victoria handle Emily since she knows the "secret"?  What will Daniel do when he finds out the truth?  Who is this new girl in Nolan's life?  What is Aiden's role going to be?   What is the fate of the WHM?

So what did you think??

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  1. Great recap! My husband and I are both addicted to this show! Nolan gets on my nerves and I think he's an over-actor. Can't wait to see where all this goes though!


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