Bedroom Crisis

Ladies and Gentlemen I need your help!

Our master bedroom needs a SERIOUS makeover.  I promise one day I will be brave enough to show you a picture but right now I'm too embarrassed.  It's the one room in our house that has been completely neglected.  I honestly hate it, and no one should hate the room they sleep in.  So I've been scouring blogs, pinterest, websites, magazines, etc looking for inspiration but I'm feeling stumped.

I have been pinning all different kinds of pictures and I can't even pin point the look or feel I'm going for but I think I'm leaning toward neutral and cozy with a good mix of feminine and masculine touches since my husband has to sleep there too.

My biggest challenge is finding a paint color that we can both agree on. Usually my husband lets me choose and doesn't fuss but for some reason he suddenly has all these opinions. Annoying.

So I'm asking- does anyone have a bedroom paint color they love? or a go to color that is calm and cozy?   We don't get good lighting in our master so it has to be a lighter color otherwise it will feel too dark. 

Here are some photos I've pinned lately:




  1. My favorite is the 2nd pic...but maybe a slightly lighter shade?

  2. All those colors would look great in a bedroom! They're very calming colors! Even a light tan/sand color too. I have so many ideas for the house, but Matt keeps getting overwhelmed by all of them LOL


  3. I'm such a visual person and so I always call on my friend Pinterest. Unfortunately we are renting and really can't paint but if we could I would probably go with a Taupe color. I'm sure I haven't been much help but I'm looking forward to seeing the makeover! :)

  4. Our bedroom is a dark grey and my husband and I both love it. It's Benjamin Moore's "Amherst Grey." Check out my post on our bedroom make-over here: http://runninglawyer.blogspot.com/2011/08/master-bedroom-makeover-before-after.html

  5. I think grey is a perfect neutral that can add depth and it's masculine and feminine so it's perfect for a master :)

  6. I wish I could give my bedroom a makeover that is the downside to renting. I love all of these options though. xo

  7. All of these pictures are so great!! I love the first one the most (if I had to pick a favorite!). I saw this great blog post the other day that might help you:



  8. I love grey walls with pops of colors in the accessories (pillows, bedding, etc)


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