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Yesterday I received an email from HomeGoods featuring their new Stylescope Quiz. As you know I am a die hard HomeGoods fan so I could not resist the quiz.  HomeGoods teamed up with Taniya Nayak who you probably recognize from HGTV to put together a one question style quiz to help you discover your design personality. 

You simply choose 5 images out of 36 that speak to you and get your result, a description of what your result means, and tips on how to acheive the look.

 Here is what I got:

 Set Sail is as laid back as a warm breeze off the ocean. She's inspired by sun-washed blues, soft, sandy whites, nostalgic, nautical stripes, and coastal elements. She saturates her home—and thus, those around her—with a sense of calm so palpable you're almost sitting dockside when you visit her.

I love the result.  I would say I probably have more greens than blues in my house but I am a neutral girl all the way and I have tons of nautical and beach elements through out my home. I live near the water so this really defines my true preppy sense of style.

What to take the Stylescope quiz for yourself?  Click Here
Then come back here and let me know what you got as a result and if you think it's close to your real design personality!

**This is not a HomeGoods sponsored post in anyway, I just enjoyed the quiz and had to share it with my readers**


  1. Love your blog!

    xoxo Shauna


  2. I love HomeGoods, too! I'm convinced you can decorate an entire room without shopping anywhere else!


  3. obsessed with the nautical theme! homegoods is the best.

  4. Such a cool idea and I do love the incorporation of blues into a home.

  5. Hi Nat, thanks for taking and writing about our quiz. Glad you enjoyed it; after all, design should be fun and happy! Your friends at HomeGoods

  6. My style would be all over the place since I love different moods for different rooms, but this is a fun start!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. as an avid home good shopper, i loved this!! i was vegas baby, with a side of socialite. they had great new ideas!!


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