I just discovered BaubleBar!

Ok I know I'm a little late on this one but I just purchased my first piece of jewelry from BaubleBar! Ummm how was I missing this for so long?!!? The prices are amazing!  I am loving statement necklaces right now and I was purchasing most of them from J.Crew or Stella & Dot for a lot more than the pieces I found on BaublebBar.
 I can't speak on quality yet because it hasn't arrived but I will fill you in once it does. 

Here is the necklace I ordered below.  I have been eyeing this on many bloggers and FB friends so I finally took the plunge. It's the Elsa Necklace and I got it in fire.  It's also available in a pink and turquoise. It was $42.00 with free shipping, which is a steal compared to some of the S&D pieces I was buying!
Did you all see Michael Phelps sister wearing it yesterday at the Olympics? Yeah I bought it before I saw that and I'm probably screwed because EVERY woman in American will want one now but I'm ok with that.  

If you haven't been to BaubleBar yet then you must go visit now! 

Here are some other pieces I've been drooling over:

Do you like BaubleBar?  Have you ever ordered from them?  What did you think of the quality for the prices?  

*This is not a sponsored post of any sort these are just some things I found and love! 


  1. I LOVE baublebar! I look at the site all the time, but can't buy anything yet. Great prices, you'll have to let me know how the quality is. The necklace you bought is amazing!!!!!!

  2. I love BaubleBar, but I'm the social media manager so I guess I'm biased ;)

  3. Ok. I need to check out to BB. Although I need another piece of jewelery like I need a whole in the head. I just organized all of mine after the move. I didn't know I had that much!

  4. I've been obsessed with Baublebar for a while now. They're monogrammed necklaces are the best! Love your blog, girl!

  5. oh lady.... get ready to go crazy. so many great pieces with the best prices!! I find something new I want every time I visit!


  6. wow! so that is amazingness!!! my birthday is coming up and I know exactly what I am getting myself! great find!!

  7. love your new necklace! I have the spearmint bib and a monogram necklace from bauble bar and love them both.

  8. Gorgeous, all of it! It's only a matter of time between me & Elsa - just debating which color to get.

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