Catching Up and NYC Recommendations

 Just stopping by for a quick Hello! 

I have been so busy lately, I'm not complaining, but my blogging and blog reading have totally fallen to the back burner!  My next few weeks are full of classes and seminars as I continue to learn more and more about real estate and our current market place.  At times my head is spinning but at the same time I'm feeling so happy and motivated that I know I'm back in the right field. 

 In fun news I am headed to NYC this Thursday-Sunday!! I am so excited!! I'm going up for a bachelorette weekend that starts Friday night but me and my sister are heading up on Thursday morning so we can have 2 full days in the city to be completely touristy!  We have some things planned but a lot we don't so any recommendations would be great!   What are some of your favorite places to visit, eat, shop, etc?



  1. Make sure to hit C Wonder. Def an experience. I just went to dinner at Ken & Cook. So good and fun drinks. If you haven't ever been to Dos Caminos you should,the one in Soho. And Sarabeths for brunch in Tribeca!

  2. here are some amazing restos - but you need to book ASAP, as they usually are booked a month in advance. stanton social, baltazhars, beauty and essex. melt shop is a grilled cheese spot near columbus circle that is quick and super yummy, but definitely hard to find. just ask someone though. if you can get in top of the standard (aka boom boom room) for drinks - it's the most spectacular view of the city ever - floor to ceiling windows with views of the city and the river. i've only been in once - but you have to just walk in like you know what you're doing, and then be prepared for a $20 cocktail. but SO worth it!!!


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