TGIF: Celebrity Round Up

TGIF!! Are you happy the weekend is here?  I sure am.  I'm actually taking an early Friday off so I might sneak off to the pool this afternoon (shhh don't tell anyone)

Well unless you've been living under a rock you've heard this story...

I don't know why she would cheat on Rob and the worst part is that it's with a married man with 2 kids!! What was she thinking?  She has officially become a homewrecker!

Kate Perry is looking great in her bikini these days...  I am a huge KP fan, I swear her songs are like crack, I don't want to like them but I get addicted the minute I hear them.  Anyone else with me?

Speaking of bikinis... this is what my stomach looks like after a Chipotle burrito

I can only hope I look this good at 39...

Lastly, are you excited for the Olympics to start?!?!  I love that they are in London this year and cannot wait to see what the opening ceremonies hold.
P.S.- how gorgeous is she? Seriously? She really is the closest thing to perfection!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. The whole cheating thing is so bizarre. Why would she tell that to People? They never even "officially" announced they were a couple. Thank God I am not a celebrity!!!

  2. i can't wait for the opening ceremonies tonight!! and ps. i didn't know KP was hooking up with john mayer...although i can't say i'm surprised. who hasn't! :)

    a peek of chic

  3. If I hear one more word about this Kstew Pattinson BS I might throw up. Have you seen the videos of the fans? I cannot. Katy Perry is super sad from her divorce probs. And yea...I look like that when I need to pee. I could totally pass for 5 months prego.

  4. The fact that she publicly apologized makes me think the whole thing was a scam for 'Twilight' publicity and now that the last movie is coming out they're ending it with a huge scandal.

    The Aestate

  5. hahaha I love the chipotle burrito comment, and second that. Kristin stewart is such a freaking dumbass - couldn't stand her before and really can't stand her now! happy weekend :)


  6. A few things:
    - Right with you on the Kristen Stewart thing! She made some comment to Elle magazine a month before about wanting something bad to happen because "pain helps you grow". Ughh.. pretentious much? You have everything in the world and it's not enough, so you break up a family?? Awesome job.
    - I am a closet Katy Perry fan too- ha ha!
    - Olympics = yay!

  7. ITA about Kristen Stewart. What a jerk. I never liked her, and now I am officially over her.

    On KP: Did you see the movie? OMG. I loved it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried. A lot :)

  8. K Stu is ridic! I mean who cheats are R-Patz?? I'm glad now he can move on to someone amazing:)

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