Officially Unemployed

As of last Thursday May 31st at 5:00pm I am officially job-LESS. I actually knew this lay off was coming since we lost a huge account contract in March that ended on May 31st but that doesn't mean its anymore fun. I'm not going to go into details about how everything happened but it's unfortunate the way that it did and to be honest I'm actually happy to be moving on. This will be the first time since probably my freshman year of college that I haven't had a job and the feeling is really, really weird. I'm lucky that I have my husband and he's being very supportive but it still feels weird not to have my own paycheck! So for awhile things are going to be different around here and my shopping budget just dropped to about $0.00 but I still have many things to be thankful for like my health and amazing family and friends!! 

(the poster that hung on my office wall for the past 4 years)

Since I knew this was coming I have some new opportunities in the works but it might be sporadic blogging around here as I take the next 2 weeks off to relax and soak up some sunshine!! I will be back soon to fill you in on my next steps. 

Also a big Thanks to Meg from Pink Fireflies for the Victoria's Secret Giveaway I won and to Cheryl Denise from A Peek of Chic for the eShakti dress giveaway I won!!
And a big Thank You all my readers and blog friends for your daily comments and emails- the blog world really is full of amazing, kind, inspiring people!


  1. How do you like the cover-up???

    I'm sorry about the job. I am sure things will work out for the best. Job searching is a job itself!!! Good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear your news, but luckily you knew it was coming. Good luck on the search!!

    a peek of chic

  3. Lay offs are the pits. I'm sorry you're dealing with it. I've been through it before, and it definitely was rough with a silver lining - I started my blog during that time period.

    Fingers crossed that something fantastic is right around the corner.

  4. Hang in there! It'll all work out :) As I remind myself everyday. xo

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your job loss - I am also unemployed and have been trying to embrace doing things that I normally wouldn't have time for! Good luck


  6. I'm sorry to hear your job! I didn't get laid off but I too had a job change that started May 1st that I knew about at the end of March. With the loss of a couple large clients, my company dropped me a day which also included a 20% pay cut. Being that I am the breadwinner right now, that cut is huge. Sacrifices are being made daily to keep us afloat. But with rain comes rainbows. Besides still having a job, some a huge benefit of this change is that I get to be home with my daughter 2 days a week. My boss worked it out where I was able to work half day Tues and Wed from home. Another bonus since I had an hour commute.

    So although my pain isn't as hard as yours, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. And really the only way to go from here is UP! So keep your head up! This may open many doors for you that you may not have expected!

    Good Luck!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your job, but I'm sure bigger and better things are in the works for you! Enjoy your time off relaxing!! :)

  8. Chin up, things will work out for you! For now, enjoy the time off. And, have NO SHAME in collecting unemployment if you can. Why not?

  9. Nat, so sorry to hear about your job loss. Starting new is definitely scary but things tend to happen for a reason. So enjoy these next few weeks of deserved vacation and stay strong!

    1. Hi Meg, I was a follower of your blog and the link I have no longer works. Are you still blogging?

  10. i left my job 2 years ago...the job that was supposed to be my career. the job i'd spent 4 years of college training for.

    and i have never looked back =)

    you'll figure out the best thing to do next...and definitely enjoy the time off for a bit!!

  11. You seem really positive about it and that's a great way to go into it. Good luck!

  12. i hope you find something you love!

  13. I'll be thinking of you girlie -- Good luck on the job hunt!

  14. Praying for you, friend!!!!! It will all work out :)

  15. Sending you good thoughts! You have such a great attitude about it all, more people should be like that!

  16. Good luck with the next step and I'm sending you good vibes!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. So sorry to hear about this; I'm keeping you in my thoughts! Take some much needed time to re-group!!


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