Light Pink Walls

Happy Monday! I hope you all I a great weekend! Mine was pretty low key so I don't really have any pictures to share so instead you get to see what I've been pinning :) 

I pinned this image below on Pinterest over the weekend and I'm completely obsessed with it.  The wall color, the sunburst, the neutral bedding, scones, side tables, the cane chair, and the kilm rug which is just a-mazing and really adds the perfect amount of texture to the room.  The room is designed by Julio Quinones Interior Design and you can find an even clearer picture in this portfolio here.

Pink can be a really hard color to pull off in an adult setting because many pinks come off as too "nursery" or "childish" but this room is done perfectly.
I'm not a huge pink fan in general but I am dying to paint a room in my house a light pale pink but I can't seem to get husband on board.  
I also love those bedside tables- anyone have a source or suggestion of where to find them?  

So do you have any pink rooms in your house that aren't children's rooms? How did you get your husband/boyfriend/roommate to agree to a pink room?



  1. our powder room is light pink (but not nursery room pink!) and i honestly have no idea why my fiance agreed to it. but SO happy he did!! it also has a zebra print hand towel...one of my fave rooms in the house, haha!

    a peek of chic

  2. That room is stunning! When done right it can be such a pretty look. I would definitely have a hard time convincing my husband, I hate that pink walls get such a bad rep!

  3. I absolutely love how that room is put together. I have never thought about pink walls but this is no neutral it really works! Love it.

  4. now how can i convince my husband to paint or walls a light pink. i love this room!! would love to have this as our bedroom

  5. i love the walls- so calming and pretty!

  6. I love this room! And I usually do not like those kinds of rugs but it works so well. Also, pretty sure if I wanted a pink room I could convince Nik it was a good idea haha.

  7. I actually have a pink room in my house and let me tell you it was a nightmare getting the shade of pink right.

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