TGIF: Let's Chat

TGIF Everyone!!! How excited are you for this 3 day weekend?? I am PUMPED and the weather is looking good so I'm pretty happy today!

So let's chat...

-How good does Brit Brit look going to the XFactor Auditions?  Wow it's like Brit Brit circa 2002-03

-I got a haircut last Saturday and I HATE it! I was almost in tears leaving the salon- that's never happened to me before.  Have you ever  hated a hair cut or gotten a bad one?  The cut itself isn't bad it's just A LOT shorter than I planned.  I went to a new girl and I don't think we communicated well. My husband had to tell me I was beautiful about 100x last weekend to keep me from having a full melt down

- Do you all watch Revenge?? The finale was OMG  **Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the finale**    I don't know if I'm alone in this but I don't like Jack at all- he isn't cute and I want to give him a hair cut and wash his clothes. Daniel on the other hand is delicious.  I understand his family is crazy and evil and awful but I want them back together.  What about the plane with Victoria and Lydia on it?? Do we think she's actually dead? I don't think the show could go on without her.  Poor, poor Charlotte.  Ummm Fauxmanda with a baby?? What?? It can't be Jack's.
I think my favorite character is Nolan- he also had the best line of the night: " Do not do anything revengy until I get there. Got it?"

-I got this dress this week for $15.00 from Old Navy and that is it's original price not the sale price.  The have it in green and blue which I was dying for but didn't have any in my size.   You can clearly see what I do on my lunch breaks.    (you can get a peak of my new hair cut)
-  Has anyone tried the Skinny Girl wine yet? Is it good?  How does it have less calories? I'm pretty sure I end up consuming so much of the Skinny Girl drinks that I'm not actually saving any calories- whoops!

- I'm pretty sure that Megan Fox is pregnant. What do you all think? I heard a rumor she's having a girl. 

- How do you all feel about Acrylic/Lucite coffee tables? Are you over them, or do you feel like they're still in vogue?  I'm working on our family room and I'm thinking about getting an acrylic coffee table (if I can convince my husband) but I'm not sure if they are over done and it would just look like I'm trying to be trendy.  Thoughts?

- If you need something to do to get through this Friday check out this website.  It's awesome and can keep me entertained for hours.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!! 



  1. I tried the SkinnyGirl red wine. It was awful. Give me 50 more calories per serving for a nice glass of any other red wine.

  2. This post is awesome. I am obsessed with Revenge and cannot even believe all that happened in the finale!!! Fauxmanda's baby better NOT be Jack's! Love the dress too - and SkinnyGirl products. Not sure if they're healthier, but I like to think they are :) Have a good weekend!!!

  3. I have never heard Skinny Girl wine. I don't understand how it can be less calories. Is wine very caloric? I haven't had a bad haircut in years because I have been scared and will not let anyone cut more than dead ends off. My hair dresser once asked me if I would ever cut my hair pixie short. I said "not even for a million dollars." He didn't believe me, but it's true.

  4. Britney looks amazing!!! I can't wait to watch X Factor this fall!! I am dying to try the Skinny Girl wine too - love the margaritas:)

  5. I think your haircut looks great but I have been there too where you walk out almost in tears yet you've tipped the person anyway! After trying 2 other SkinnyGirl drinks and being disgusted, I think I'll stick to the Margarita only. But yes, I consume a lot more in one sitting than I otherwise would! Super cute dress but sadly not available online! As for Megan Fox, she definitely looks pregnant to me!

    If you find a table you love and think you'll love for a while {or that can be repurposed for a different part of the house}, then you should get it - or if you find one that's really cheap.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I think you look so cute with your haircut- very summery, but I can definitely understand that feeling of leaving a salon feeling like the person didn't listen at all. I actually feel a little panicky when I see bits of hair sailing to the floor and I always have a hard time chatting with the stylist because in my head I'm wondering what the end product is going to look like, you know?

    I haven't watched Revenge yet, but it's on my shows to catch up on this summer when I have more time :)

  7. Happy Weekend! And Brittany looks pretty awesome (again). :)

  8. megan fox is preggo and it weirds me out??? so strange to see her pregnant. i think your haircut looks great! but i know what you mean, i've cried when it's been too short before too. revenge is SO AMAZING. I don't think victoria could ever be dead. my mom thinks that she never got on the plane because she did that little smirk before she stepped up onto it and knew something was going to happen (she's the only one I know that watches more TV than I do, so I consider her opinions occasionally :) love the old navy dress!


  9. hey doll!! i was so touched by your sweet comment at my cup of te. Thank you :) Weighing in...your hair will grow ;) that has happened to me and bless our husbands for being the sweetest haha revenge. die. did victoria really bite the dust?!?! acrylic coffee tables. I'm torn too! One would be great for our small nyc apartment because it's visually light, but I want to challenge myself to come up with something more unexpected. They are beautiful though! Anyways, have a smashing weekend!! oxoxo! Roxy

  10. I have definitely cried over a haircut...all I wanted were bangs and a trim, saw someone I had never seen before which ended up being the biggest mistake ever! She butchered my hair...the bangs were actually good but she way more than trimmed my hair - it was awful! It was close enough to being a modern day mullet. Lesson learned: never see someone new for a drastic change. On the other hand - from what I can tell from that photo - your hair looks cute! Sometimes a big change just takes a while to adjust to :) p.s. love that dress...what a steal! Have a great weekend! XO brynn

  11. Dear Lord, I love that dress! I'm going to Old Navy now! Bad haircuts--too many to list, including a horrendous Annie-style perm in middle school. I think yours looks GREAT! And Brit--better than ever! :)

  12. I've had tons of bad haircuts... But I always calm myself with the it'll grow back soon thing... Hope you're having a nice one!

  13. I love that dress from Old Navy!

  14. actually, i love the skinny girl white wine. but you're right, i ended up drinking the whole bottle (but felt less guilty about it, that's for sure!).


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