TGIF: It's finally Friday

This week was a killer one for me and I'm so happy it is over! Despite the crappy weather here I'm ready for the weekend and hoping to get at least a few hours of sun.

This weekend you can find me doing the following...

Eating this...

Drinking these...
Enjoying this...

Watching this...

and this...

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?


  1. I am soooooo with you gf. I need sun and booze. Will have to wait until after the move though. Sighhhh. I need a vacay!

  2. ooooh, are you going to the beach?! jelly!!! i'll be dress shopping, and i have to say, i can't wait :)

    a peek of chic

  3. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

    The hubs and I have date night tonight. We are going to see Hunger Games! So excited!! Tomorrow, we + my MIL are road tripping to Lancaster, PA (hubs family is from there) to spend a night at a bed & breakfast, shop at the outlets and the hubs & I are going on another date night, thanks to my MIL :). Sunday is spruce up the exterior of our house day. I can't wait for that either!

  4. Jealous, jealous and more jealous. I will be spending the weekend praying that this child exits my body so I can have a margarita soon! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Ooo I saw the Lucky One! It was soo good! Zac Efron is sooooo hot in it....IMO anyway! LOL

  6. I've read the book but haven't seen the movie yet! I hope it was good!


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