Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

My husband was out of town this weekend in Vegas for a bachelor party and I had to pick him up from the airport at midnight last night so I am dragging this morning.

Since my husband was away I did what any good woman does when their husband is away- Retail therapy, dinner and brunch dates with my girlfriends, and catching up on trash tv and movies.
On Friday night we celebrated my Mom's birthday but I failed to take any photos. 

Waffles, coffee, and gossip... my idea of the perfect breakfast

Here are some goodies I picked up at the J.Crew Factory Outlet.  Clothes were 30% off and jewelry was 40% so of course I couldn't pass it up!   I've also decided since I can't find colored jeans I love I'm scrapping that idea and buying colored shorts instead.

 I tried this skirt on but didn't buy it in the store, then changed my mind and bought it online when I got home.  (its not supposed to be that wrinkly this one had just be stuffed in the back of the shelf)

I just discovered that our Safeway makes gourmet cupcakes! It took all my self control not to buy one or a dozen

On Saturday night I joined some friends at a local music venue to watch some local bands and raise money for breast cancer.   This is not the band I went to see but this was a local band called the 301 and they two lead guys reminded me of Big Pun and Fat Joe- they're music was a mix of hip hop and rap and they were pretty good. 

On Sunday I joined my girlfriends for brunch at my favorite restaurant in Annapolis.  If you're ever in the area you have to stop by it's called The Main Ingredient  and they have the BEST brunch in Annapolis in my opinion.  I wore my new Target maxi dress which I am loving and I paired it with a jean jacket since it was not warm here this weekend.
Do you love the crooked iphone pics?!

While I was attempting to organize my closet I came across this quote on the front of one of my Kate Spade dust covers.  I love that she includes a little quote with all of her goodies. One of my favorite parts of buying KS is finding the quotes and I also hope it's one I haven't seen before. 



  1. The Main Ingredient is delicious! And love that dress. I haven't pulled out my maxi dresses yet.

  2. I love KS's quotes!! I ordered some jewelry (for bridesmaids) and while it didn't come with a dust bag, there was a thick postcard with one of her quotes. so glad she still found a way to put one in there :)

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    a peek of chic

  3. I love your goodies from J Crew!! I will have to visit the factory soon. And mmm gourmet cupcakes - I lose all willpower when I'm around those things!

  4. sounds like a nice relaxing weekend even though hubs was away! and i love your dress from target!

  5. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend! Love that skirt and I almost bought that dress myself a few weeks ago!

  6. Such a good wife!! Love what your bought at J.Crew! Now I wish I had gone this weekend!!

  7. LOVE those pink shorts!! and those cupcakes are making me super hungry...


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