Weekend Recap

Seriously. How is it Monday already?

On Friday night I enjoyed some of this:

I love champagne and sparkling wines and this is one of my favorites! My mother in law introduced me to it about a year ago.  I love prosecco but can't drink it because of my allergies :(

On Saturday I spent day day laying here: 
One of the best things about living near my parents, their pool.  

On Saturday night we went to a local restaurant that recently reopened called Metropolitan.  It used to be a swanky lounge type place but now it's a farm to table restaurant (huge change) with a relaxed, laid back vibe.  
I fell in love with this mason jar chandelier: 

I also had the most refreshing drink at dinner called a Cucumber Moon.
Cucumber Moon
Moon Mt. Citrus Vodka, cucumber, lime,
St. Germain Elderflower, and soda

While driving through downtown Annapolis I tried to snap a picture of the Annapolis Yacht club  because the biggest yacht was docked out front. You can kind of see it in the distance.
It was named Martha Ann and has to be one of the biggest yachts we've ever seen docked there.  So of course we googled it immediately.  We found this link with the full description and pictures of the yacht. It is gorgeous and even has a pool with a swim up bar! 
It is apparently owned by Warren Hale, a prominent real estate developer in Maryland.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this bumper sticker because I'm pretty sure this is how my husband feels most of the time. 



  1. I love champagne so I'll have to try the Voga! The cucumber moon sounds really good too. I've been seeing a lot of things with Elderflower recently so I may pick up a bottle and try to recreate some recipes! Love Annapolis - do you ever go to the Boatyard restaurant?

  2. Wow! What a boat! I couldn't even imagine owning something like that? Well, I can always imagine, but really? So cool!

  3. Freaking out right now -- Annapolis is my hometown! Such a wonderful place. Love your pictures. :)

  4. your weekend sounds perfect! your parent's pool is amazing haha

  5. That cucumber drink sounds awesome!! Love the mason jar chandelier too:)

  6. love that bumper sticker-hysterical!

  7. I love cucumber drinks. They are so refreshing!

    And next time I am in MD I will have to try Metropolitan! Looks great.

  8. that drink sounds fabulous. i recently fell in love with a cucumber margarita. i think that may be my go to summer drink!

  9. The mason jar chandelier is fabulous!! And hello, how do we get invited on that yacht?? I'm down for a swim up bar!

  10. the only wine I really love to drink is pinot grigio... I'm definitely going to have to try that one!! and that bumper sticker is hilarious!!


  11. Ohhh I'm so jealous of that inground pool!!! I must find that sparkling wine!

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