Technical Difficulties

Sorry we've been experiencing some technical difficulties around here but I'm back to being a public blog!
If you notice up at the top of the page we had a little blog name change too.
This blog will hence forth be named: East Coast Chic

 I don't want to get into the specifics but let's just say there was another blog with my blog title saying some not nice things about things and people that were close to me.  I don't think this blog was purposely set up to reflect mine but I didn't want anyone to come across that blog and think that I was associated with it. 

While I love blogging I still know that there are some things that are scary about putting yourself out there and you have to fiercely protect your internet image and the last thing you want is for negativity to be associated with you. 

So I'm back and with a new name, here's to hoping it doesn't happen again!

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