A little shoe help please!

So this Saturday is K's MBA Prom (yes they call it prom) so I get to wear a fun cocktail dress and heels!

I have the dress picked out but I can't decide on the shoes. I have 2 very different options and I need help deciding which look better.

Here is an up close of the dress:

Option #1 -
I scored these at Marshalls for $79.99!

Ignore the white thing on the shoe I forgot to take the tissue paper off the zipper 

Option #2

The nude heels are a little bit more conservative while the black ones are more fun and sexy. I honestly like both of them and can't decide which would be better so please give me your opinion!


  1. The nude shoes are more bridal shower and the black ones are hot!

  2. if it's a dressier event - i'd wear the black ones. have fun!!

    a peek of chic

  3. I'm no help because I think they're both gorgeous! I woudnt have picked the black shoes for that dress but they look great with it! you cant go wrong.

  4. Love the dress! Is it lace?

    I'm a fan of the black for this occasion maybe for a more classy dinner or day event the nude...

    Let us know how it goes :)

  5. I'd pick the nude because they make your already mils long legs look even longer!!

  6. LOVE that dress :) I love the black ones because they're fun and flirty!

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