Scenes from my week

TGIF! Here are some BB photos of what I've been up to this week...

- I officially suck at taking self potraits... see evidence below.  I was attempting to text my sister a pic of my outfit before our girls night last Saturday.  

- Remember Maybelline's Illegal Lengths mascera?? It was the BEST! Then it disappeared one day. Well it looks like the just made Illegal Length (minus the S) and I bought some. I'm trying it today for the first time. I'll let you know how it fairs and if it's as amazing.  I have a feeling it won't be.

Old Illegal Lengths:

New Illegal Length:

-I'm currently having a love affair with Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.  I'm blaming the unseasonably warm weather here for my iced coffee cravings.  (oh the DD by  my office puts in waaaaay too much milk/ creamer, so basically that's just creamer with a shot of coffee, anyone else have this problem with their DD?)

- I picked up a copy of House and Home from Target this week. It's a Canadian home decor/interior design magazine and so far I'm loving it.

I'm so ready for the weekend! We have a lot of house projects to tackle because we'll have people in town next weekend. Isn't it funny how the threat of visitors seeing your house a mess makes you step up and get stuff done? Oh well- it should be fun.  I'll post pics of the progress next week.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Our DD does the same, although I haven't been in a while - I'm a sbux (Starbucks) gal but DD would be a lot friendly on my wallet :)

  2. I love DD iced coffee! I have them add skim and whole milk. That makes it almost diet :)


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