New Year, New Goals

Instead of resolutions I've decided to set goals for 2012.  I'm hoping that setting clear goals will help me to achieve them since I usually forget what my resolutions are by February.   I am also hoping that putting them out here will help me take responsiblity!

So here goes nothing...

1. Read 50 books-  I usually read a lot but I don't do a good job keeping track and I want to read more so I'm hoping with my new Kindle and Goodreads I will be able to do this.

2. Run 500 miles- I'm  hoping this goal will make it easier to run rather than saying I must run 3x a week.  This way it will be ok to have bad weeks without beating myself up

3. Cut back on shopping- especially online - this is going to be hardest, I've been known to fall prey to emails saying "extra 25% off plus free shipping"... so I'm hoping to establish a method of saving for purchases instead of just buying things right when I see them

4. Save money for house projects and actually complete the project- we've been in our house for 3 yrs and there are still some projects we haven't tackled- so hopefully that money I save from not shopping can be put into the house!  I will go into more detail later about what projects we need to tackle but it feels like a lot right now. 

So there you have it!  Did you make resolutions or set goals for 2012?



  1. I agree with saving money with online spending! My money is going to take a hit this spring, so I'm trying to spend less right now :)


  2. You can do it! Thank so much for all the running tips- I really appreciate you stopping by :-)


  3. Great goals! The running a certain number of miles goal is great. You're right, we all have "bad" weeks so it's easier to stay focused if you don't feel like you've blown it. Happy new year!!

  4. keep us posted on the books...i'm always looking for a good one to read!!


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