Friday Fun Facts

Today after work I'm going to be sitting at a restaurant where the view looks like this...

I'm going to be enjoying some of these...

and a lot of these...

Then I'm going to watch these guys crush Houston...

Happy Friday and it's a good thing I'm not Gisele because I'm pretty sure bottomless chips & salsa are not  on her menu tonight!


  1. WHERE are you going to be? I wanna be there... we are probably just going to the Greene Turtle in Columbia b/c we are too lazy to drive anywhere tonight. Tomorrow we are going into Balty (Inner Harbor) to watch UT though!

  2. That sounds like a great day to me! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Beautiful view and the weather is perfect for margaritas and chips/salsa!

  4. Jealous much! And, amen for not being Giselle. She's probably having lettuce and water ;)

  5. True true...I love me a good chip, which is why I don't model undies for a living!

  6. Hope your weekend was wonderful :) Vasquez had such a great game today...what a great end to his college career!

  7. Chips and salsa are the BEST! It sounds like you had a great weekend planned. You have a very cte blog and I am now following you!


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