Go Saints!

I am rooting for The Saints for two reasons....

1. I like Kim Kardashian more than I like Kendra Wilkinson

2. My high school mascot, if you can call it that,  was The Saints and our symbol was the Fleur de lis



  1. haha Go Saints!! :)
    -Heidi (previously bellaserenity)

  2. Great post hun!! I will go with my reasons - 1. Same I like Kim better. 2. I like warm weather and clear NOLA is perfect temps! 3. I feel like NOLA really needs some pride these days.

    I love how "into the game" we both are! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!! xoxo

  3. I totally rooted for the saints...because I'm secretly hoping the win will cause Reggie to propose to her!

  4. haha - i totally just learned about the whole Kendra/Kim thing! how did i miss that? i'm usually up on my celebrity gossip!

    similar thought: excited for the bachelor tonight?? my husband told me yesterday, "I know how it ends." I gave him a very firm, "Do NOT tell me." and then gave him the stink eye.

  5. Loved your reasoning. I picked them because their colors are black and gold (like my alma mater) and I like those colors more than blue and white. I thought it was a logical choice. :)


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