I'm not Perfect

Sometimes I feel like I sugarcoat this blog, like I only show you guys the good/fun/exciting parts. So I decided today to let you in on a few of my flaws because let's be honest we all have them :)

(I hope this doesn't come off as too depressing or angry, I'm just trying to shed some light on the side of my personality you rarely see! )

- I am quick tempered. I get mad quickly and I get over it just as quickly. I can't stand people who hold grudges, like K.

-I am Catholic and went to Catholic school for 12 years yet I have doubts. I worry about raising my kids with "Catholic" guilt.

-I have horrible road rage and I'm not really sure how to handle it. I don't do anything crazy, it's mostly just me yelling at other drivers in my car with my windows rolled up so no one can hear how crazy I am.

-K works until 9:00pm most nights and it doesn't really bother me. When I tell this to other people they gasp, and ask how I handle. Do I get lonely? Yes, but I know how hard he has worked and that he loves his job. I would never want to take that away from him.

-I don't eat red meat. I always feel the need to justify myself to people, like "No, I don't love cows I just don't really like the taste." I'm still not sure why people care so much?? I also don't drink cows milk because it grosses me out. People also get angry with me over this, again not sure why they care?

-I don't really enjoy reading unless it's chick lit or written by James Patterson.

-I hate when people say you're so lucky to be in a relationship or be married, now you're life is easy! Like once you've found "the one" you don't have to try anymore. Relationships are hard work. Anyone who tells you otherwise clearly hasn't been in one long enough. After 6.5 years together I can say that K and I have had been blessed with many good times but we've also had bad times and major fights and times when we've almost broken up but we love each other and would rather be together than apart. So we work through things, we make changes, we make compromises and that can be hard and frustrating at times but that's what you do when you're a team. You learn to work together.

-I gossip. A lot. It is an awful habit and I really need to stop. I just like to be in the "know."

-People always comment on how laid back I am. I am not laid back, I am actually quite a control freak. I just know when to be in control and when to go with the flow.

-I am not really interested in politics. I'm very middle of the road-my thought is do whatever makes you happy, if it isn't bothering me why should I care?

-I hate when people say you're so lucky you're skinny you can eat whatever you want, like I eat donuts, fast food, ice cream, and hamburgers all day long. Yes I do have good genes but I eat right (most of the time) and I have to exercise. I love junk food just as much as the next person but I know I have to enjoy it in moderation.

-I'm awful with grammar and spelling.

-I despise going to the movies. Asking me to sit still and pay attention for 2 hours is torture. Unless Will Smith is saving the world, then I might be convinced. I will watch a movie at home but wine must be involved.


  1. OMG!!! Can we please have a full conversation about going to Catholic school for 12 years yet having doubts.

    I get tired of the skinny comments too because I do eat like crap sometimes, but I don't buy it and keep it in the house.

    I love posts like these because it's how you really get to know people :)

  2. i agree with so many! i think the difference is your ability to be okay with the fact that your not perfect & not get so hung up on the little things! great post!

  3. I get road rage SO bad! I mean it's to the point where at times I find myself absolutely dreading the thought of having to drive.

    I also agree about the whole, "you're married you're life must be so easy" bit. There have been times when I've said to myself that being single and only worrying about myself would be easier than being married, but you're right, being together is what's most important to us no matter how difficult things may get!

    What a great post!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Thank you for sharing :) I gossip wayyyy too much, am middle of the road when it comes to politics, love reading chick lit or James Patterson (and I'm an English teacher!!!!), and am quick-tempered, too!

  5. I know what you mean about always posting about the good things. I am the same way, and I hope no one ever thinks I try to be something I am not! I am with you on so many of these things. I definitely don't eat red meat either, I work out and eat healthy - and do okay, I think marriage is hard work, but totally worth it, my husband is gone 10 nights a month because he is a fireman. We have a lot in common! Thanks for sharing so much :)

  6. I feel the same way about my blog. I don't ever show my bad side.

    And don't worry. My hubs works nights, and I like it. A lot. I also get the whole laid-back thing, but my inner control-freak rages!

    Good for you for telling the truth! I love you even more for it!

  7. I LOVE this post. Seriously, awesome. It's funny how with blogging we are allowed to be selective with what we choose to write about. But sometimes what we think is least attractive about ourselves is what we most have in common with people, haha! I saw a LOT of myself in here!

  8. It is so annoying when people say that it's easy once you're married. Ya right. It's definitely a lot of work and I don't like when people try to act like their relationship isn't hard sometimes.

  9. If you like James Patterson you'd probably like Stuart Woods. They are really similar in writing!

  10. hahaha - my dad is in the beef industry in one of those positions where the better the industry is doing, the more he gets paid... sooo, he REALLY cares. also, my best friend is a vegetarian - but for like, moral reasons i guess. They got into a fight once about it! funny looking back. really awkward at the time.


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