An Ocean between Us

So K is on his first international business trip in Europe. It's an awesome opportunity for him and he's pretty excited to be there. As I write this it's about 4:46am where he is and he's going to be getting up in about 2 hours which is crazy to think about him heading to the office while it will be the middle of the night for me!!

I decided to rearrange our family room tonight and I LOVE it. It's amazing how moving furniture can make a room look totally different. K has our camera but I'll post some pics when he's back of all my little decor makeovers going on in Casa H.

In other random news my photographer said she should have my pictures ready this week- I'm so anxious to see how they turned out!

I also need a little blog revamping, I just don't know what I want to do to spice it up.

Off to bed so I can drag myself out of bed early to do The Shred... no more excuses!


  1. Can't wait to see the Furniture Makeover!

  2. Room makeovers are so fun and refreshing!

    Being long distance, whether its for a week or months at a time, can be a lot of fun if you get creative. Do you have Skype? If not, I highly recommend it.. It's free and you can talk over the computer and see each other at the same time!

    Have fun with your alone time :)

  3. I love room re-dos! Can't wait to see it. I just bought the Shred and I haven't started it yet, but am very excited!

  4. We rearranged our living room last week (sort of) and it truly feels more cozy and looks better. I can't believe we lived in our apartment for over a year and never changed one thing around!

  5. I love rearranging furniture. Glad you love the new look! Can't wait to see pics.

  6. Yay for blog revamps and furniture moving! Both always make me feel better :)

  7. I bet the room makeover looks great. Geof traveled to Germany last summer and it was crazy for our times to be so far apart and have him so far away. I totally know the feeling.

    That is so great that you will get to see your photos soon!

  8. will you be sharing those pics w/ us??

  9. The girl that did my blog is really inexpensive if you want to change your blog. I was so pleased I had her do both my blogs. She's a teacher by day and blog designer in her spare time. She only charges about 40.00 for everything, a little more depending on what kind of pictures you want. Her company name is KrizzyDesigns if you want to see her link, just check out my blog.


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