Remember Me?

Hi loyal blog friends- remember me? I used to blog like everyday, now I think it's once a week if you're lucky. Let's just say my life is HECTIC for the next few weeks!! There are approximately 38 days until my wedding and every weekend is packed until then!

I spent last weekend at my dear friend Laura's wedding, it was gorgeous beautiful Annapolis wedding and she's getting married in the same church that I am so it was fun to see it again for a wedding and I think it definitely helped to calm my nerves some. I also had my trial hair do. I was leaning toward half up/half down but after thinking about the weather etc I decided on an up do and my stylist Billie did an awesome job so I'm pumped!

This weekend is my bachelorette party in DC (sooo excited for a girl's night) and we need to get wedding bands (eek, total procrastinators!), next week is my bridal shower with Kyle's side of the family, then I have the annual Annapolis Rotary Club crab feast, then a wedding the following weekend in the boonies of Maryland, then my good friend Laura's baby's 1st birthday, then the next weekend is my wedding!!!
Plus I have some new things going on with work so I'm going to be busy but I am going to try to keep you all update as much as possible.

Promise to post pics of the bachelorette party if I don't post before then. Thanks for listening BFFs!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I can't believe it's only 38 days away! That's crazy. You'll be celebrating your one-year before you know it.

    Have fun the last couple weeks, and don't worry about your BFFs - we'll forgive your absence. Especially since you know we'll keep coming back until we see pics from the Big Day!


  2. Wow! Your wedding is getting so close. Have fun and enjoy all your fun activities before your big day!

  3. We missed you, but I totally understand. The month before your wedding is Crazy with a capital C. No worries!

    (And good call on the up-do, I went half-up/half-down and I regret it!)

  4. You're in the home stretch! That is so exciting and I am sure that the bachelorette party will be a blast. I loved mine! Good choice on putting the hair up for the wedding. I did the same and was incredibly happy with it!


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