Mighty Monday

I am totally copying off one of BFF's Abby over at Babbling Abby and joining Mighty Monday!
In Abby's words:
Then I guess it's time to list the things I might have done since, well, last Monday! If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list ;)

I might have been on vacation all of last week and loved every minute of it

I might have eaten a cinnaburst or french toast bagel everyday of my vacation and I might smothered them in butter

I might have had dessert with both lunch and dinner every day of vacation

I might have become re-addicted to diet coke and I might have forgotten just how much I loved it, even with all that bad fake stuff

I might have only used SPF 8 some days because I might have been determined to come home with a tan

I might have taken my running shoes on vacation but never put them on

I might have made K buy me a raft so I could join him in the water while he was body boarding

I might have ended each and every beach day with a margarita

I might have decided that OBX is one of my favorite vacations, even with all the family time

I might have paid my library fine and taken out 5 new books, I might try to read them before the due date

I might be staring at messy coffee table right now and I might be avoiding a pile of laundry upstairs

I might have about 700 unread items in my google reader so it might be awhile until I catch up and finally comment on what all my Bffs have been up to in the last week

I might be sad that Tony and Jessica broke up but I might hoping that there is Nick and Jessica reunion in the future, even though I doubt it!

I might be excited to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager tonight

I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Mighty Monday- below are some vacation pics. Enjoy!

This might be K and I attempting to recreate the pic from my post below 4 years ago, but it might not have turned out. We'll try next year!


  1. Too funny! The beach looks heavenly. I too MIGHT be sad about Tony and Jessica...is there really a chance for a Nick and Jessica reunion??

  2. Tony and Jessica? NO!!! Although, if we get The Newlyweds: Part 2 out of it, I'm in...and you're I love that dress, btw! Glad you're back!

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a great vacation!

  4. Those pictures are great! I think your hair may have gotten a little blonder too!!

  5. I love this idea...missed the boat this week but look forward to joining the theme next week!mwahx

  6. I might do all of the above on a semi regular basis too!!! So glad that I am not alone! I had the same thought about Nick and Jessica reuniting. My friend (a guy) is having dinner with Nick Lachey tonight...I MIGHT have him ask if there's a MIGHT get back together :) Totally jealous of your vacay, but i'm glad you had fun.


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