Friday Fun Facts: What Makes you Cry?

My sister IRL (in real life) just posted about crying while watching Grey's Anatomy and I've been thinking a lot about crying lately because I DO NOT want to cry at my wedding. It's not that I'm not sentimental or anything it's that I don't cry very often BUT when I do, it is uncontrollable water works. I am not one of those people who sheds a tear here and there, ohhh no I will break down in a movie theater in sobs, I mean whole body shaking sobs. My sister almost left the theater during The Notebook because I was crying so hard through out the whole movie.

So today's Friday Fun Facts is movies or tv shows that make you cry.
(Warning: if you haven't seen some of these movies I may give away the plot/ending- Sorry!)

-Land Before Time was the first movie I ever cried during. When that little dinosaur mom died I lost it I mean, I mean lost it. My Mom came storming up stairs because she thought I was hurt, oh no it was just a movie.

-Beaches- One of the greatest stories of frienship- I pretty much start crying right after the boardwalk scence because I know what's going to happen

-Steel Magnolias- What fun amazing group of women, Julia Roberts character just kills me through out the movie and Sally Fields moment in the graveyard- ugh makes me ball like a baby

-Love Story- "Love means never having to say you're sorry"

-Titanic- Do I even need to explain? This was also at the height of my Leo crush so that could have added to my tears.

-The Notebook- Could there be a better love story?? Plus the chemistry between the characters is AMAZING! I like to watch this every few months to get a good cry in. I literally start crying in the first scene and continue to cry until it ends- sometimes I have to turn it off before the end because I cry so hard.

-An Affair to Remember- I find myself screaming at the tv trying to tell him where she is and not to be mad

-Romeo & Juliet- especially the Leo version, as stated above at the height of my Leo crush, but the play in general just makes me cry

-Armageddon- that scene where Bruce Wills pushes Ben Affleck back up and tells him to take care of his little girl makes me burst into tears

-When Harry Met Sally- when they're at the NYE party and he gives the famous speech- it gets me every time

I also cry or have cried at the following TV shows: Intervention, Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Oprah, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Friends, 90210, Party of 5, Full House

Alright I could go on forever.....

So did I forget any good tearjerkers?? What movies/tv shows make you cry?


  1. Oh all of those movies make me sob!!! And The Biggest Loser is the only tv show that has been a real tear jerker for me lately.

  2. Oh man, Steel Magnolias! That one is a killer!

  3. Omigosh! I had no idea that you and Lovely Chaos were [gasp] sisters! Funny, funny.

    I thought I was the only person our age who'd ever seen Love Story! I learned to play the song from it on the piano. Love it.

  4. the day i realized that i truly and deeply loved "an affair to remember" was when it was on TV and i was just catching that last scene. and without having watched the rest of the movie (though i'd seen it a million times) i just started sobbing.

    (ps. one of my best moments with my high school best friend was when we watched beaches and cried and cried. we cried together for like, 5 min after the movie was over too. only thing better than being an emotional teen is having an emotional teen best friend.)

  5. I always cry watching Steel Magnolias & Armageddon.

    Now..the one I ALWAYS cry watching is the end of Castaway...when he comes to visit her and he gives her back the watch and tells her that it is a family heirloom and that it should stay in her family...also when she runs out to him in the rain...and then he says "you have to go back home."...ahhhhh
    Just thinking about that part of the movie makes me tear up...

  6. Oh Armageddon, Romeo & Juliet, Beaches, Steel Magnolias make me cry so bad! Armageddon was just on HBO the other night. I've seen it so many times, yet I was still balling in the end.

    Marley & Me is the latest movie to make me cry.


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