Friday Fun Facts: Blonde Moments

I have my fair share of blonde moments and I think actually being blonde makes them worse. I have a few in particular that stick out in my head....

-I just realized about 2 weeks ago what the big fuss was over the Britney song If you seek Amy.... ohhh... this is after discussing at lengths for many weeks with my sister what I thought the meaning was, even though she tried to tell me many times I just never picked up on it. I finally saw it spelled out for me on a blog

- If you're from Maryland you know that many people add a "r" to wash. Well in second grade I raised my hand and asked my teacher why there was no "r" in warsh she kindly informed me that it was pronounce waa-sh. I have NEVER said it wrong since despite my whole family still saying warsh

-That same second grade year, thankfully my teacher was one of my mom's friends, I raised my hand again to ask why Los Angeles wasn't on the state map, to which I was told it was just a big city in California. I have never forgotten that one either.

- When K and I first started dating I would stop at green lights, all of them. I was so nervous that I got so overwhelmed that I would come to a complete stop almost causing accidents and pissing off a lot of drivers around me. The first 2 times he was sweet about after that I got made fun for about a year.

-Recently on a client proposal I saw BAR-$150.00, and I'm sitting there thinking what is B-A-R, I don't remember my clients ordering that. Thankfully before I opened my big mouth I realized what it was, I had a nice little chuckle at my desk.

Sooo fellow bloggers, what are some of your best blonde moments?


  1. haha!
    I had a feeling you were from MD...me too!

    Blonde moments...well..I was a blonde when I was little...very brown now...
    anyways...I definitely say warsh and I have a hard time pronouncing Norfolk.

    I just remembered this one....many times when I was younger I didn't know the true meaning of words...I just used them b/c maybe I heard them and thought it made sense (still not knowing what it meant)...

    I think I was 13 maybe (and keep in mind...my sisters and I lived a sheltered life and parents were very overprotective)...but my sister and I were jumping on the trampoline...I remember laying down b/c I got dizzy and yelled.."I think I'm having an orgasm." hahaha
    I thought it meant you were dizzy and going to pass out...

  2. Tee hee hee :D

    I'm with you on the Britney song! I had to google it to figure it out though.

  3. hahaha - my fiance and i looked up that Britney song last night. we kept hearing it on the radio (confession, i'm a sucker for bad pop music) and being like, "what is she saying???"

  4. That B. Spears song took me forever too. One of my students had to explain to me!

  5. All of my Maryland cousins say "warsh"...lol! It cracks me up whenever I hear it and then they make fun of my so called Philly accent. We both argue that neither of us has an accent.

  6. This is so funny!! Mr's dad always says waRsh, and he grew up around Pittsburgh. haha!

    And, about your comment on my post...that blue dress was my best investment!! haha! I can't even tell you how many friends have borrowed it for weddings and events! ;)

  7. i used to make fun of your sister all the time for saying warsh! (heeee).

    blonde moments (even though i'm no longer blonde) - i sometimes have to sneak a peek at my hands to remember right from left. when i was 9 i told my parents that i really wanted a dog like that one, and i pointed to it and said "you know, a canine." (i was thinking k9, as in a police dog) i almost walked the wrong way at high school graduation and i still get nervous (as in really sweaty) if i'm forced to do math on the spot.


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