Wino Wednesday

and only 4 months until my wedding day!!!! (can you believe it??)

I decided to scratch Wedding Wednesday because I have a feeling a lot of my posts are going to be wedding related from here on out. Soooo I decided to talk about one of my most favorite subjects...


Since I claim to be a wine lover in my title description I figured I would fill you in on that part of my life.

Wino is one of my favorite terms because it's how K describes me and most of my girlfriends, we're Winos. It doesn't mean we drink a lot (sometimes we do more than others, I will admit) what it means is that no matter where we are, WE DRINK WINE. I'm talking dive bars, tailgates, BBQs, it could be the dirtiest little place and we will be standing their with our glasses of wine. We have been known to order glasses of wine more expensive than the $6 burgers we're consuming.

I don't know if wine drinking women are a special breed of us but some how all of my girlfriends are wine girls. It could be my good Irish catholic blood or the fact that I've never seen my mother drink anything other than wine, no liquor, no beer.
I know many girls that only drink beer or liquor, for instance my co-worker is a diet and captain girl, she will only dabble in wine if she has to.

I want to say that I am no wine connoisseur. I do not spend tons of money on my wine. I am by no means a wine snob, maybe one day in my old age I will be, but right now I cannot afford to be. I drink what tastes good and fits my budget. I also mainly drink Pinot Grigio, a light fruitier wine. Yes I know many people think this is a crappy grape and just an ok wine but I used to drink Chardonnay exclusively, unfortunatly I am allergic to oak trees. What is any good chardonnay aged in? Why yes, it is oak barrels. So I would wake up with a stuffy nose and raging headache prompting me to finally make the switch to Pinot Grigio.

So this week's wine in honor of my fav is Pinot Grigio. Below are a few different brands that I love. Oh and I also buy all my wine in 1.5L because it is much more economical, except for the expensive ones that they only sell in the 750ml.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio- California
Very lite, but freshing on a hot summer day
Price: $9.99-12.99 for 1.5L

Cavit Pinot Grigio- Italy
Dry, light, crisp
Price: $12.99-$16.99

Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio- Italy
Crisp, clean
Price: $26.99-$30.99



  1. I'm with you. It's the Irish Catholic background. I'm convinced we're genetically pre-disposed to love the wine! Every time I want a glass, I blame my Irish-Italian Catholic upbringing!

  2. Our grocery store has barefoot for $4.99!! It's the best. My roommate and I like the sauvignon blanc. Ps- How is Naturally Thin? I'm thinking about reading it.

  3. Indeed I am an east coast girl...MD to be exact!
    I've been meaning to check out Naturally Thin...I need to head over to B&N and pick it up...

    HOw are the recipes? Are they any good?

  4. I love pinot grigio! I love a really deep red when it is cooler but it is always so hot where I live that I can't handle the idea of drinking a heavy red. The Barefoot PG is a great bargain. I also like some mixed whites from World Market. I'll have to share the titles. Guests love them when we serve them before dinner.

  5. If you ever move south, please let me know so we can have wine tasting parties together...and comiserate over how much junk we've eaten during the day. Thanks for the support :)


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