Wedding invite issues resolved

Thank you for all your good advice/suggestions, etc. I think I was having a wedding budget related melt down last night b/c at times I can over react just a little... Ok a lot.
I never knew just how overwhelming wedding planning would be and I stay calm most of the time but have my little flip outs here and there!
Thanks for listening to my rants!


  1. i know the wedding budget stressed feeling! it is only going to get worse as the day gets closer!

  2. I'm gonna be an optimist and hope the planning gets better for you!! I hit a plateau with our budget stress and now I'm just waiting until we get the RSVPs to stress out...no sense in doing it until I have a headcount..haha! Glad to hear it was resolved!!

  3. Sorry I missed the post!

    -- but if you're still looking for cheaper invitations, go to walmart! $20 for a box of 50 that you can design and print at home!

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